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Sunday, December 26, 2010

OTP Jigsaw - by Annie Zorzo

Happy Boxing Day everyone!!!  I hope you have all had a lovely and festive Christmas with all of those you love.  I'm sure everyone is a bit tired today after yesterdays activites so I thought I would keep today's blog entry on the simple side.  Something you can set the kids up to do...if they're a bit older... and then go have a little kip!!!

Wish this was my idea but I got it from my sister-in-law in Indonesia who was helping me come up with ideas on how to keep my kids occupied over the school holidays in the wet weather....which we're having alot of where we are at the moment!  Quite simply, it's a photo of the child in question, done up as a very simple layout and then cut up to make a jigsaw puzzle.  For the smaller kids, keep the pieces to a minimum and watch their excitment when they see themselves reappear when it all fits back together.   For the older kids - the sky is the limit, use loads of papers and embellishments, then cut the jigsaw up into lots of smaller pieces and keep them occupied for ages!!!

My aim for this one for my youngest daughter was to make it fairly simple, bright and tactile.  And as it's a Christmas photo, the best way to do this is to add lots of sparkle!!!!

So here is what you need for a simple jigsaw:
* Cardboard
* Cardstock
* 2/3 pieces of pattern paper - I've used various October Afternoon papers - Farmfresh, Very Berry
* Ribbon - Lace, Ribbon and Sequin Trim
* Kindyglitz
* Judikins Embossing Powder
* Christmas Stamp
* VersaMagic Ink

And go about it like this...
1. Stick your cardstock to the cardboard.  Ink the edges
IMPORTANT NOTE - as you are going to be cutting this up into pieces, use lots of glue and make sure the undersides to be stuck down are completely covered.  You don't want pieces peeling up or coming lose once it's cut up.
2.  Using a Christmas Stamp I've stamped around the edges of the cardstock.
3.  I've then added some KindyGlitz to the edges for some sparkle.
4.  Cut 10x10" piece of pattern paper, ink the edges and stick down in the centre of the cardstock
5.  Cut two smaller pieces of pattern paper 11x5" and 10x2", ink the edges and stick down across the top section of the layout/jigsaw.
6. Sand the edges of your photo and stick down in the middle of your layout/jigsaw
7. Kindy Glitz around the edge of your photo
8. Taking some loop and thread lace I've glitter embossed the edges and then threaded a second piece of ribbon through.  I've then stuck this down under the photo.
9. Glue another ribbon strip across the top.

10. Cut up with a craft knife into pieces.  I've kept my edges straight and not interlocking since it's for a very young child, but you can cut it up as complicated as you like.

There there is a little Boxing Day Scrapping for you.  You could also do it at any time of the year, for Easter, School Holiday fun - why not make one each year, making it more complicated as you they grow?  Best use of all though, in my opinion, is for Birthday presents - quick, easy and hours of fun for the kids!

I'll leave you with it while I go have a Nana nap!!!  Merry Christmas.

PS - Thanks for the comments last week, my camera is working!!!!! Hip Hip Horray!!!!  Besides a whirring sound, it seems to be working OK, but I think it's days are numbered!!  Least it's got me through Christmas!  Thanks again x

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Mal said...

wow what a fantastic idea! doing this for sure these holidays!