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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mini Book from Kaiser and Fancy Pants

Hello everyone!
Well, I got to spend a bit of time in hospital this week - no, it wasn't for me, it was for my son, James. While I was there I had a bit of time to kill, so I took a kit with me from home with all the supplies I might need to complete this mini book sent to me by Tan.

I have to admit, I didn't have everything I would normally use at home to finish this book. I kinda liked that. It meant I really had to think abouot making it a more minimal but personal book for my little girl. She is about to head off to school and I wanted to just create a little keepsake for her that was just fun, brightly coloured and girly.

The Fancy Pants "Wishful Thinking" range of papers are perfect for that kind of scrapping - they are pretty and feminine as well as being co-ordinated on the back of each page with a darker, more deep hue of the front colour or pattern.

This book was very simple to make - I cut out several strips of cardstock and paper - about 7cm wide, and tore off sections and layered them behind each photo. This gave the impression of layering without the whole book being too "busy" and too clogged with product.
Here are some more pics for you to have a sticky beek at!

Plain cardstock can be a very effective background as long as you layer it with some patterned paper and maybe some bling. It's also a good idea to find yourself with some photo printing software that will print out your pics for you in different sizes. These photos of Hannah are passport sized and they of all different themes.
Add some chipboard from the SNCWT shop and you are almost finished a fantastic little book in a flash. You see? It is possible to scrap in all sorts of places with a little bit of planning. Not that I recommend being in hospital to do it! LOL. But you get the idea. Maybe next time you are dragged along to a cricket match, or spend some time babysitting, or maybe you could sneak some scrapping time in while you are sitting in the back pew at church?? ;) ;)
Have a lovely week everyone!
Sares x

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