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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cosmo Cricket fun!

I just love Cosmo Cricket papers - double sided - gotta love that!  Great  colours - gotta love that!!  and  these were perfect   for some boys  layouts - gotta love that!!   AND  Tan has them in store!!

So here is a layout I did of my three boys using these  fabulous papers....

1. Use Cosmo cricket “homework” paper as the base

2. On the pencil side cut out a piece 4 inches x 7 inches from lower section of paper

3. From Study Hall paper cut a piece 8 inches by 6 inches. Scallop one long edge.

4. From Study hall cut a piece of paper 6 inches by 4 inches – we will be using the aeroplane side.

5. Adhere Jenny Bowlin BINGO card to left side under photo

6. Take mesh and staple folds every 5 centimetres

7. Take long red ric rac – this will sit on top of the teal mesh – cut to fit

8. Adhere a variety of chipboard shapes – I have used raw stars and an owl.

9. From Study hall paper – cut out paper planes.

10. Add title

11. Adhere handcut planes around title

12. With a fine black pen draw dotted lined behind planes.

13. Add any  journalling  you  want.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Step-by-step card sketch by Nicky Amber

Today I'll be going through a card sketch step-by-step.

Step 1.  Take a card base (pre-made or made yourself) and add a piece of patterned paper slightly smaller than your card.

Step 2. I have stitched around the border but that is totally optional
Note:  If you don't want the stitching to show to other side of the card, stitch the patterned paper before you attach it to the card.

Step 3.  Add a circle to the patterned paper.

Step 4.  Add embellishments around the circle.
             (I have added stamped butterflies, flowers and punched leaves)

Step 5.  Add your sentiment to the card.
            (I have used a quote as the sentiment for the sample card)

Sample card...

In this sample I have used:
  • pre-made card - ready made to take the hard work out of making your cards
  • cardstock - I matted the patterned paper with co-ordinating cardstock
  • patterned paper - choose your patterned paper to suit your card theme...eg.christmas, masculine, birthday, baby etc...
  • stamps - I stamped the butterflies then cut them out.  I also stamped a flourish stamp to cardstock and punched out the leaves.
  • kindyglitz - added to highlight areas
  • punches - punched out the leaf shapes
  • flowers - I added small rosebuds to the circle shape (Note: I only had white rosebuds so I coloured them with ink to match the card).
 Hope this helps you in your card-making.....happy creating!

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Patterned Background Technique - layout by Sue Smith

My layout this week features a technique to create an original background for your layout or card using ribbons, lace and fabric (or whatever else you choose to use).

For this wedding photo I wanted to use the Bella Diecut as a shaped layout rather than the traditional square. Sometimes finding the right patterned papers for wedding photos can be a bit of a challenge, so I came up with the idea of attaching strips of texture as an all-over background. I love the combination of white and cream, flowers and lace, for wedding photos, and this layout indulges all of that.

First of all I raided my stash and found lots of white lace, ribbon and fabric and started to lay it across the diecut background. I swapped lots of bits and pieces before I came up with the final configuration.

Once I was happy with how it looked, I stuck down each of the different strips with Pritt Power Gel, using little blobs in places that couldn't be seen, and when the glue was dry, I then stitched around the edge to secure all the layers.

Then I trimmed the excess from around the edge, so that it looked like this....

After that, I attached the photo which was sanded around the edge and mounted using foam double-sided tape to raise it up over the lumpy bumpy background. I then added lots of flowers in cream and white, plus pearl and rhinestone bling.

Here is a list of the items I used for this layout....

* Bella Damsel Paperz in cream

* Weave Extras tiny teeny stickers

* Yillup Designs Beaded Crocheted Centre in silver

* Kaisercraft Pearl Bling

* Kaisercraft Rhinestones

* Kaisercraft Rhinestone Words - Cherish

* Assorted flowers

* Upstairs Downstairs - Felt Frame Oval

* Birch Pearl Trimming in white

* Green Tara - Organza Flower Glitter Design

* Assorted lace and other trim

Hope you like this technique...it's a great way to use up bits and pieces of lace and ribbon (or an excuse to buy some beautiful new ones). Until next Monday...happy scrapping everyone! xxx

....and go the St George-Illawarra Dragons!! :) (my home team)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Creating your own Patterned Paper - by Annie Zorzo

From time to time, many a creative person will lose their mojo.  Mine has been on walk about of late and coming up with something that I'm happy to share with you has been a challenge.  Usually to get out of a rut like this you can use an inspirational sketch, play around with some gorgeous new products and papers from Tanyah or, like I did this week - just have a play.  With no project in mind and therefore no pressure, you can get back to having fun and might just come up with something that you love.

So what did I play with....Daubers!  These are great and have so many uses.  You can colour fabrics, lace and ribbon, give some colour to chipboards and like ink you can use them on stamps.  Daubers have a sheen to them so when your dauber inked project catches the light, your project glows.  With the daubers, I created my own stamped patterned paper...and I'm going to show you how I did it.

You'll need:
  • White, or another pale colour, cardstock 
  • Radiant Rain Daubers.  I've used three different shades of the one colour - Apple Blossom, Pink Azalea and Ginger Flower.
  • Versa Colour Inkpads.  I've used an old heavily used VersaColour Pine Cone and a new one
  • Stamps.  I've used three, a Basic Grey Flower, KaiserCraft Butterfly and a Prima Script stamp

HINT:  When using daubers, make sure you shake them up until you feel your arm is going to fall off.  All the particles that give the daubers their sheen settle on the bottom of the bottle and you need these mixed into the ink if you want your project to catch the light and shine.

1.  The stamp you use first is going to create a repeating pattern covering your cardstock.  Using the palest colour dauber, ink up your stamp and start stamping until your whole cardstock is covered.  I used the Basic Grey flower stamp and Apple Blossom dauber for this first step.  Don't worry if the dauber ink looks heavy on your stamp in some places, this will add to the whole affect when your finished.

2.  Clean the dauber ink off your stamp and then with your old heavily used Versacolour ink pad, ink up the same stamp again.  Lightly stamp over your first dauber inked stamps with the second colour.  Get as close as you can to an exact stamp over the top of the first but slightly off will not matter.  This will add some depth to the first stamp.
3.  Moving onto your second stamp and second tonal dauber colour, (Kaisercraft butterfly and Pink Azalea for me), ink up your stamp and imprint around your cardstock randomly.
HINT:  My stamp had an intricate pattern.  With the dauber inks, if you want this pattern to show through, stamp onto a scrap piece of paper first and the stamp onto your project with the second application.  Your pattern will show up better.  On the below, the left is first application and right is the second.  I wasn't concerned with the pattern of the stamp applied with the dauber as the next step brings it out...
4.  Clean the dauber ink off your stamp and then with your new or re-inked Versacolour ink pad, ink up the same stamp again.  Go over your first dauber inked stamps with the second colour.  This will add a bold definition of your stamps intricate pattern.
5.  Moving onto your last stamp and the darkest dauber tonal colour, in my project this is the Prima Script stamp and Ginger Flower dauber.  Randomly ink up your stamp, heavily in some parts, light in others and do not cover the whole stamp.  You don't want the entire stamp to come through onto your project.  Randomly stamp your paper.
6.  Finally, using both your heavily used and new versa colour ink pads, randomly brush across your project.  Both along the sides and randomly across the middle, this will dirty up your pale cardstock background and make your patterned paper look a bit more grungy.
There you have it, your own patterned paper.  Use it straight away on a project or add it to your stash.  So if you're feeling creatively challenged, take the pressure off yourself and go and have a play.  You never know, after a play, your mojo might just come back!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bella "Ancestry" Range - Step-by-step layout by Sarah Rickard

Morning everyone!

Today I have created a layout using 2 pieces of Bella Ancestry patterned paper and no cardstock.
I have used:-

 The other materials I have used are:-

* Ruby Rock-It Upstairs Downstairs Crochet Flowers
*  white lace
*  staples

Step 1
* Cut out the swirl you see here in the top left hand corner of the "Saga" patterned paper

Step 2
*  Adhere the swirl to the top right hand corner of the "Posterity" patterned paper.  Then arrange 5 wallet sized photos on your layout - I have a strip of 3 photos and then a strip of 2 photos (as seen below)

Step 3

* Using the other side of the "Saga" patterned paper cut a 4.5cm x 30xm strip and either using a scallop ruler or freehand a scallop along the bottom of it and cut it out.
Step 4

*  Using the strip of patterned paper - start 2.5cm in from the right hand side of the page directly underneath the photos - using staples to adhere it to the page, start folding it back onto itself (like a concertina).

Step 5

*  Staple a strip of lace across the top of the strip of "Saga" patterned paper.  I have also placed a Ruby Rock-It crochet flower at the start of the "Saga" strip of patterned paper- as seen below

Step 6

*  Using the Ruby Rock-It Chipboard Alphas put your title across the page.
You are now done!

Here is my finished layout:
I hope you all enjoyed this step-by-step this morning.

Until next time, happy scrapping
Sarah xoxoxoxo

Friday, September 24, 2010

'Livin' Out Loud'; a step-by-step layout by Ingeborg Dijkstra

My good friend Nienke, whom I know for more than 20 years, is celebrating 19 years of marriage this week. So ... I decided to grab the boxes of photos that I still have to scrap ... these are photos of the two os us taken on her wedding day in September 1991. I loved scrapping those photos, because we surely had fun that day!

I started with a sheet of white cardstock. I normally tend to put my picture(s) in the middle of my layout, but this time I wanted to do it differently and put them more to the sides of the paper. I also wanted to use a few pictures, since I tend to make a lot of layout with only one picture.

I started with two strips of patterned paper. I wanted to have a 'base' for the pictures I was going to use.

I added some ribbon and some paper ribbon next to the patterned paper.

I added my photos with little square foam dots, because I wanted to be able to add more embellishments under the photos. Therefore I only stuck them on lightly.

I went through my stash and looked for paper flowers, silk flowers, felt flowers, buttons, pearls, rhinestones and transparencies to use on the layout. I glued some of them on my layout.

I wanted more colour and added more embellishments:

And ... I wanted to use something 'unusual' ... so I went to my gift wrapping basket and got some curling ribbon and used that for a final touch:

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alcohol inks - changing lace - Lesson 201

Hi all

Okay Im back again with another  nice easy tecnique for using  alcohol inks.  My sample I have here is for an Artist Trading card but  you could do it for a layout or a card as well!

First up I have painted on a layer of PVA glue to my ATC sized card.

I then adhered a large piece of  lace and  set this aside to dry.  Once the  lace is dry I  painted another  coat of PVA  glue over  the lace and set that to dry..

Once the  lace is dry  again - you can use the Tim Holtz applicator with the felt end  and drop a few dropsof alcohol ink.  For this  sampe I have used Lettuce.

Once you have applied the alcohol ink it will look like this..

You can then use this for a card background, an ATC  or even  change  the colour of your lace for a layout....check the shop out HERE  .  Tan has a  GREAT  range of  alcohol inks and tools to choose from!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Double layout step-by-step by Nicky Amber

Double layouts can sometimes be a bit daunting to even the most experienced scrapper, in such cases I find a sketch very helpful. 

I have created a Christmas double layout step-by-step using some papers from the My Minds Eye - Sophie range...which aren't actually Christmas papers but I thought they suited the theme well.

Step 1.  I have used two sheets of cardstock as the background.  Cut patterned paper to 10x10 inches and place over the top.
TIP:  If you have trouble lining up your double layouts, tape them together on the back then separate when you are finished.

Step 2.  Cut paper to 12 x 8 inches and place over the top.

Step 3.  Cut two strips of 12 x 4 inches.

Step 4.  Attach photos.

Step 5.  Add journaling.

In this example, I have used:

Remember sketches are just a guideline to follow, feel free to change any part of the sketch to suit your style - in my example I have used a bracket die cut instead of the 10 x 10 inch piece of paper and used four photos instead of five..

Happy creating...xxxooo

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our First Scrap N Craft with T 2010 Retreat

 With lots of planing and work by Shazz Pratten & myself our weekend came off extremely well. The weather was just right with the occasional sprinkle but we were able to enjoy the beach with out it being too windy or cold. We had a total of 23 people attend including our 3 day visitors which also enjoyed the fun we had planed. We had a class and learn quite a few ways of using glimmer mist, learn lots and lots of techniques along with some newly released products. We won't forget how nice it was to have a massage, and the fun watching the 5min challenge and having a ball. Thankyou for coming everyone!

Here we all are for our group pic Taken by Sarah Rickard....
The photos below is a mixture of all of us at the retreat!....

Amazing sun rise
Nicky & I having a bit of fun on our morning walk

Girls sharing techniques and scrapping

some of the girls after a midday walk on the beach
Yep they had fun, getting their hands covered in Glimmer Mist!.... well done girls!!!!
All ready to have fun!
check out these hands, some cleaner than others.......mmmmm
learning more techniques...
The 3 of us!.... Sarah, Me(tanyah) & Nic
Happy Birthday Nic
Thankyou everyone that came, I know you all had a blast and had a tone of fun! Luv Tan Xx :)