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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Third Thursday Techniques: Using Metal Embellishments ( like brads, charms, eyelets, clips and metal words)

Ingeborg Dijkstra
Tanyah asked us to show some layouts and ideas on how to use metal embellishments. A few years ago you saw them everywhere and most of us probably have a few (or a lot) in our stash somewhere. I don't use them a lot, so I was really challenged to create some layouts with different embellishments.

I made four picture collages to show your four different way of using metal embellishments:

  1. charms
  2. brads
  3. a charm with words on it
  4. eyelets
On the layout below (just click on it to see the picture better) I used three butterfly charms as a sort of border. I used different sizes of patterned brads (these are from KaiserCraft) on these pages. I also used some metal leaves for more decoration:
On this layout I used a metal charm with the words 'with love' at the bottom right of my layout. These sort of charms will also work really well on cards:

On this layout I used eyelets as a part of the design. I wanted to add a circle to my layout and instead of stitching or using paper, I chose to punch a lot of little holes and I added eyelets to it:


Melinda Spinks
I can't say that I've ever played around with too many metal embellishments other than the standard 'eyelets' and brads. However, I have really fallen for embossing and etching of metal sheets as the possibilities are endless.
I recently made a card using gold and silver sheeting that I put through my little embosser and created some really funky patterns. The sheeting is also thin enough to pierce and sew and any old double sided tape works wonders for sticking it to your projects.
During last year's 'Embellish It' competition I made a little chipboard album that I covered in pieces of hand-etchd milo tin foil which was fun to do and really made a unique piece for my project. I've since learnt that Tanyah sells the metal sheeting so I don't need to drink so much milo.


Nicky Amber
I haven't used a great deal of metal embellishments in my projects in the past, I think mainly because it hasn't matched the colours I have been using.  One suggestion I can make is that if you want to get more use out of your metal embellishments is......try using alcohol inks.

Here I have coloured some metal dragonflies with different shades of alcohol inks.
 Here I've used the coloured dragonflies in a card.  I think they tie in much better than they would if they were left as is.
 If you don't have any metal embellishments but like the look, you could try making your own faux metal embellishments.  To make this 'metal' heart, I used some jac paper and some kitchen aluminium foil then coloured with alcohol inks.

Firstly, I peeled off one side of the jac paper and attached it to alfoil (if you want the embellishment to be sturdier you can place the jac paper onto some cardstock).  Peel off the other side of the jac paper and place some more alfoil on top.  Trim excess foil away then cut out whatever shape or letter you desire.  You can then colour with alcohol inks or leave as is.

 Happy creating...xxxooo

Alison Callcot

"I love metal embellishments, have a somewhat large stash of them, keep buying them (everything from brads and photo
anchors to old keys and handles), but find that I tend not to use them so much in my scrapping (layouts) these days. I think
(hope LOL!) its just a phase I'm going through. But when it comes to OTPs I simply cannot get enough of my various metal
embellishments. I recently altered an empty Forrero Rocher box of chocolates for a swap. Actually I was having so much fun
I altered two! The one I titled "Tim Holtz Junkie" I kept.

Loving my metal like I do how could I possibly let this go?? The Forrero Rocher chocolate box turned out to be quite
versatile for altering and handled being drilled very well. This enabled me to attach (for example) various metal items with
brads (more metal!!) and also screws (as in the 7Gypsies book knob). The only problem with the brads though was that they
lacked the strength (for the most part) to hold the heavier metal objects secure. To overcome this I adhered some plain
acetate to JAC paper and die-cut circles which I then used as 'bandaids' (LOL) to hold the brads secure on the inside of the
box. It worked a treat and is barely visible. Other metal was easily adhered with Glossy Accents Inkssentials which set very
quickly. I could have altered the look of the metals with paint, sanding, alcohol inks etc, but decided to leave it as is. Can
you guess what I'm going to use this altered box for? Yep you got it ... storing more metal!!!"

Here is the list of 'metals' I used on this project should you choose to use it:

- 7Gypsies Pewter Book Knob - Black Noir
- Making Memories alpha tiles
- CK OK brads
- Accentz dragonfly brad
- Tim Holtz Idea-ology - Jump Rings
- Tim Holtz Idea-ology - Mini Pins
- Tim Holtz Idea-ology -Trinket Pins
- Tim Holtz Idea-ology -Philosophy Tags
- Tim Holtz Idea-ology -Keyholes
- Tim Holtz Idea-ology -Swivel Clasps
- Tim Holtz Idea-ology -Sprocket Gears
- Tim Holtz Idea-ology - Long Fasteners
- Pewter altered art charms

Thanks alz for sharing this with us it is absolutley brillant xx

Tanyah Payne
Metal embelishments can be from the 7 gypsys pins to brads/eyelets and so many different possiblities. Making false metal is tones above as nic has created above.

What i love about brads are you are able to create a shape with them  not only a bracket but create a swirl or place them in the centre of your flowers... The other cool thing about brads are you are able to change the colour of what you have using ALCOHOL INKS as in nics example above or using EMBOSSING POWDERS by weting the brad with versamark and than dabing into the powder. Holding your brad with safety tweezers and heating. The other way is the new product out now called SMOOCH

 We have in our store lots of different shaped metal brads for you to enjoy! to see more CLICK HERE!

Their are many differnt metal embelishments just for decoration.

 Their are many many more if you want to check out what else their is check out our shop today! CLICK HERE!

 Thanks heaps for reading and hope this info has helped you with metal embellishments and what your able to do with them...
luv tanXx


Susan said...

Beautiful work, everyone!

Shazz said...

lots of good ideas there girls. thanks for the inspiration xo