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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

30 minute Double Layout Kit

This is a great girl kit and only takes around 30 minutes to do which is great for those with limited time to spare.

Included in the kit is:
All this for $10.50.... purchase one today at Scrap N Craft with T. 
     all you need to do is add:

    • Photos -  I have used one 5 x 7 inch photo as the main focus photo and six 2¾ x 3¾ inch photos (these are just two photos fit into a 6 x 4 inch size, which can be done at most photo labs). 
    • journalling printed out and cut into strips (alternatively you can write your journalling directly onto the background cardstock, this is totally up to you).

    Step 1.
    Take the two sheets of cream cardstock and use these as your base.  Cut the red cardstock into two 3 x 12 inch strips and attach to form a horizontal line across both pages approx. 2.5 inches from the bottom edge.

    Step 2.
    Take the heart/dot bracket patterned paper and cut just after the double line of hearts (about the ⅔ mark).  Line up the paper edges and attach this to the base cardstock .

    Step 3.
    Take your 5 x 7 inch photo and attach your sequin trim around the border (I have just used 3mm double-sided tape to do this).

    Step 4.
    Using the foam alphas and the mini alphas attach your title to the right hand page along the red cardstock. In this case I have used 'our cheeky girl' for my title but you can choose whatever suits your layout and photos.

    Step 5.
    Time to add your photos! I have placed the 5 x 7 inch photo above the title and the six smaller photos at slight angles over the bracket patterned paper.  Then attach your cute little Chelleybean designs bird overlapping the bottom corner of the main photo, so that it looks like it is standing on the title.

    Step 6.
    Attach your strips of journalling (or write out your journalling) to the cream cardstock on the top left hand side of the layout.  I have also added a strip under the photos of when the photos were taken.
    Something extra: I've printed the journalling out on normal printer paper but you can also print it out on matching coloured paper or cardstock or you can swipe some ink around the edges of the plain paper strips.

    Step 7.
    Lastly add some buttons to the layout.  I attached three buttons to the left-hand side red cardstock and two along the bracket on the right-hand side page near the main photo.
    All done!!  

    Hope you enjoyed - take care...xxxooo

    If you would like to purchase a kit . . . CLICK HERE!



    Tanstar said...

    gorgeous layout and easy to do... wow

    Ingeborg Dijkstra- Verbeek said...

    What a wonderful layout and kit! Having a cute, adorable 'model' surely helps too ;-) ... You have done a great job, Nic!

    Susan said...

    Very cute!