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Thursday, March 11, 2010

PINK PAISLEE - CUPID RANGE - By Lisa Kamphuis - ONE LAYOUT + BONUS CARD - She loves me

Pink paislee kit by Lisa Kamphuis - Isn't this an amazing kit! To create an amazing project full of so much beauty.


  • cardstock
  • patterned paper
  • Pink & Brown raffia
  • Flowers
  • Journal paper
  • die cuts

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1. Cut Bow and Arrow to 4 inches by 12 inches. Distress and ink both long edges

2. Cut 2 strips – 12 inch x 1 ½ inch Bullseye . Distress and ink edges on lone long side

3. Adhere 2 green strips to blue heart paper

4. Cut another 2 - 12 inch x 1 inch long stripsof the Bullseye paper . Ink and distress one edge

5. Attach to green piece in the same way
6. Take brown mesh and adhere across the centre of the pale blue hearts.

7. Cut large pink flower in half.
8. Tuck the flower in under the photo on the lower left side
9. Take pink and brown raffia and cut into 1 ½ inch pieces
10. With the raffia we are going to make a skirt for the bottom of the layout

11. Turn paper over and run double sided tape along full length - I have done it twice to hold it firm. Adhere pink and brown raffia alternatively
12. You can now adhere this entire section of paper to your pink cardstock
13. Select journal spot and distress edges and ink
14. Place the journal tag overlapping the brown mesh
15. Adhere flowers
16. From” Hearts Bloom” paper cut desired flowers and leaves. Ihave cut out brown stems to attach to flowers
17. Use smaller die cut at bottom right side of picture.
18. Add butterflies . I have embossed mine and added some glitter
19. Add title and journaling

TO PUCHASE THIS amazing KIT .. ALL for $8.55
and create your very own... CLICK HERE!

YOUR BONUS CARD instructions - products are included in the kit!..
1. Cut Hearts Bloom to 4 inches by 6 inches. Use pink check side. Ink edges

2. Cut Hearts bloom to 4 x 3 ½ inches
3. Ink edges
4. Attach half pink flower to floral paper
5. Attach diecut
6. Cut some flowers from Hearts Bloom paper
7. Adhere to bottom corner of diecut
8. I have raised the middle one on a pop dot
9. Add greeting.

TO PUCHASE THIS amazing KIT .. ALL for $8.55
and create your very own... CLICK HERE!

Thanks for this beautiful kit Lisa
enjoy everyone
luv tanXx


Shazz said...

i am thinking I am gonna have to get myself one of these kits......excuse my ignorance but do you get instructions for these projects with the kit...???
gorgeous creations xo

Tanyah Payne said...

Shazz, all kits instructions are here on the blog. Your welcome to copy and paste it into a word document for your own use!

hope this helps
luv tanXx

nic said...

Wow! this is just gorgeous Lisa!!
Great work...xxxooo