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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Scrap N Craft with T's ... 2010 NEW DESIGN TEAM....

We have a wonderful team this year that will bring you lots of different ideas and inspiration, kits and so much more!

I would like to introduce you to
Scrap N Craft with T's new Design Team......
  • Alison Callcott
  • Ingeborg Dijkstra
  • Karen Calcutt
  • Kylie Abel
  • Leanne Stamatellos
  • Lisa Kamphuis
  • Melinda Spinks
  • Nicole Amber
  • Sarah Rickard
  • Tracey Thorne
Alison Callcott

I'm 41 and live in Melbourne with my husband Geoff and fur 'teenager' Max (he's a 15 year old border collie cross). I've been paper-crafting for 11 years and scrapping for four. My style is ever changing, but generally busy and technique based. I love simple, clean, graphic style layouts with lots of white space but am yet to pull one off successfully LOL! I always end up needing to 'add' more! A lot of my work has been published in the main Australian scrapbooking magazines, including Creating Keepsakes Australia. I love to travel (to scrapbooking retreats and to meet forum friends), shop(for scrapbooking products), watch DVDs (about scrapbooking), and read(scrapbooking magazines and books). Did I mention that I'm obssessed with scrapbooking????? Alz :)

Ingeborg Dijkstra

My name is Ingeborg (39) , married to Siebe (39) and mum to Emma (11), Rick (10) and Tom (10). We are currently living in the Netherlands, Europe. I started scrapping in 1997 when I was pregnant with Emma. At that time we lived in the US where scrapping was already quite popular. In 1999 we moved to Germany. There were no scrapbooking shops there at all. Due to the fact I had three children under two and I was too tired to do much and the fact it was impossible to find a lot of materials, I hadn't scrapped for a few years. Luckily we moved to Australia in 2002 where we had plenty of scrapbooking shops and sites to get inspired by. I even had my own scrapbooking shop and site whilst living there. In July 2009 we moved back to the Netherlands and I am excited about the opportunity to continue to scrap, since I am now truly addicted and nothing can stop me anymore. I am looking forward to creating things for Tanyah and I hope it will inspire you all!
Karen Calcutt

I started scrapping about 12 years ago when a friend of mine invited me to a CM workshop. I soon grew tired of this concept and gave up only to start again about 6 years later. I lead a very busy lifestyle that doesn't always allow time for the things I love the most but when I get some spare time I prefer to spend it creating. I am the founder and creator of Scrapchat, a scrapbooking Chat forum where members can chat and develop life forming friendships while sharing their passion for scrapbooking. Also have developed a Scrapbooking Auction Site where registered members can off load their unwanted supplies without all the fees. I have had my first layout published last year in Scrapbooking memories.

Kylie Abel

My name is Kylie, and I am a scrap-a-holic. It's been something like 7 years now, and I don't really want to stop... I am the mother of 2 beautiful and at times annoying children - Elizabeth (4) and Phillip (2). They feature heavily in my scrapbooking. I am also married to a very understanding man Matthew. He supports me taking over half of the kid's toy room as my "scrapping area", and even doesn't mind me buying heaps of "stuff" (although he doesn't really know the full cost... LOL). I enjoy scrapbooking for scrapbooking's sake, but I also love the fact that I am leaving a physical memory for my children. My favourite times are when my family and I flick through the albums I have created and reminisce together. It makes it all worth it.
I love traditional scrapping the most - playing with paper and getting my hands covered in ink and paint, but I also love digital scrapbooking. I love how you can create your own elements, and with a small supply you can alter everything to match and it doesn't cost you any extra money! Plus there's that useful "undo" button when you've made a mistake...
My family and I live on the Central Coast, NSW and enjoy the laid-back way of life here. There aren't too many decent scrap shops around, so I love that I can buy what I want (or is that "need"?) from Tanyah's shop! I am honoured to be a part of this talented design team!

Lisa Kamphuis

My name is Lisa and I am obsessed - with all things scrapbooking - the creating , the shopping , the challenges, the journalling and my favourite part - the friendships I have made and the beautiful people I have been able to meet!! I started scrapbooking way back when it was all about ovals and circles and stickers!!! And to think I even loved it back then. Well time has moved forward about 10 years and I can now look back and see my own style change and evolve. My current favourite is vintage, shabby chic type layouts and given that it is the current flavour of the month in the scrapbooking world I am in my element. I love traditional 12 x 12 layouts and I'm also a bit of a fan of off the page creations as well!!

I live on the Gold Coast with my fabulous husband and our four kids so I always have plenty of inspiration for photos!!! I look forward to spending my time here at Tanyah's sharing some of my work with you and hope that I can provide you with some thought and ideas and inspiration.
Leanne Stamatellos

I started scrapbooking in late 2003. A Creative Memories gift voucher from my parents started me off. They thought it was something I'd like ... and it was! Since then, I have had over 100 pieces of work published (layouts and articles) in most of the Australian Magazines as well as a layouts accepted by Scrapbook Answers (US), Scrapbooks Etc.(US) and Simple Scrapbooks (US). I'm proud to have received Honorable Mentions with Scrapbooking Memories - 1 single layout, 1 double layout and 2 off the page items. I create layouts mostly about my family and the moments in our daily life. I find inspiration everywhere. From TV ads, magazines, fashion and the beautiful papers that I use. Sometimes a layout just happens - that's a great feeling. Of course I'm also inspired by other artists. I scrap anytime my children are asleep, mainly at the kitchen table in the company of my husband. It's great to throw ideas his way - I get a different perspective. My style tends to be fairly clean in design, focusing strongly on the story and the photograph. I enjoy graphic, modern, crisp pages and I love 'white space'. I definately scrap for me. It's a great creative outlet and it brings balance to my life. It's a wonderful way to preserve a memory for both myself and my children ... and their children.


Melinda Spinks

I live with my husband and two children on our farm in North East Victoria, where life is simple, peaceful and wonderful, the work is hard but worth the blood, sweat and tears. I bought my first copy of Scrapbooking Memories in February this year and have been captivated with the craft ever since. Our table is no longer used for eating, the spare room is being invaded by nappy boxes full of 'scrappy stuff', I go to town covered in double sided tape and bling, I receive pizza boxes in the post, I have a 'blog', and late at night when all is quiet and the 'little people' are in bed, I create! Scrapbooking is a new journey for me, and I'm loving the ride so far! And what a ride it has been... I have been to my first retreat (loved it), I have been a guest designer (terribly nervous), I have had two layouts published and more to come (so exciting to see your work in print), I was incredibly honoured to win the 'Embellish It' Competition and I was 'over the moon' to become a member of the design team for the American based company 'Imaginisce'. The past 10 months have been amazing but what I take away from it is the new found friendships that I have made in Australia and all over the world with people that share such a passionate hobby
Nicole Amber

Hi! my name is Nicky Amber, I am a wife and mum to 3 kids. I enjoy all
things crafty (especially scrapbooking and cardmaking) and love to make
things by hand for my family and friends. I also love photography and
spending time with my family.

Sarah Rickard

My name is Sarah and I live in Northern NSW with my husband and 3
gorgeous boys. I have been scrapbooking for 6 1/2 years and I just
love everything about this craft. My main scrapbooking focus is my
boys and my family. I usually scrapbook 12 x 12 pages, but I do love
to make mini albums and mini books. I am not sure how to describe my
style, i do like clean lines and not overly embellished pages.

Tracey Thorne

Tracey Thorne
Thanks to Tanyah for inviting me to be part of the team for 2010. This is going to be such a fun and exciting year. This year I get to turn a big 40 – way too much fun to be had in my birthday month.

I am a mum of a pigeon pair (you know the Kelvinator kids… just not twins). And my darling husband is so good to me … spoils me rotten and lets me know I am his Princess… what more can a girl ask?

Back to Scrapping….. I have been scrapping since I lost my father back in 1997. I bought my first lot of papers from a store in Lismore where I was living and created a Wedding Album for my Mum. I never realized that it was called Scrapbooking until 2004 when my friend introduced me to it.

I have always been into art and processes. I studied it heavily in High School. I have always had a love of sewing, and was very lucky to have been given the family gene from my Great Aunt , I love incorporating sewing into my scrapping.

I don’t like to define myself as having a style … I think we all evolve and change to what suits us at one particular time. There are so many influences around us and the inspiration is endless… lets all just take the journey and see where we end up – I look forward to some chatter with you and a little fun in 2010

Our amazing Design Team will give you an lots and lots of fun,
inspiration and ideas through out 2010~

I hope you will enjoy their work as much as I do!


This will be the last month that Chelle will do a kit for scrap N craft with t.
It isn't uploaded yet but we hope to have it up for you next week.

Sadly , Michelle Jamieson
has retired from being on our Design Team, we are very sad to have her go.
Chelle was the first Design Team Member for
Scrap N Craft with T and I would like to thank Chelle for all your hard work and commitment to helping my buisness your a sweetie and THANK YOU!!!!

Chelle would like more time perusing her little business
Chellebean Deisigns which we all love! ..... we stock all of chelles products in our store!

We hope to get together during the year and have some classes here in LISMORE that chelle will do for us locals to enjoy!.


Thanks again chelle for everything and we wish you all the best with your adventures.

Good luck to my new Design Team and we look forward to see your amazing ideas and work.

luv tanXx


Ingeborg Dijkstra- Verbeek said...

Wow, Tanyah; what a team! And yes, a huge thanks indeed to Chelle, who has inspired me many times! I am looking forward to being part of this amazing team of scrappers! Some of these girls have been my inspiration for years and now 'lil' ol' me is part of the team? I still don't get it ... but I am so grateful you asked! x

Karen Calcutt said...

Oh Tan, this is going to be such an exciting year for SNCWT. I can't wait to be part of this great dt that you have put together and it will be great to see how each of us contribute to such an awesome place. Thankyou so much for allowing me to be part of all this.

Susan said...

Congratulations to all the DT members! I hope you all have a ball together ;)

Nay and Gilly said...

Tanyah, Looks like you have got a great DT, Gillyox

Melinda Spinks said...

Very excited to be part of such a wonderfully talented design team... just hope I can live up to my side of the bargain. Really looking forward to getting down and creative with the new team. Thanks Tan for the opportunity!
Melinda x

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks Tan for the privilege of working on your DT with such a talented bunch of women. I can feel it in my bones ... 2010 is going to be an amazing year!!! Alz :)

Michelle Jamieson said...

Thanks for having me on your DT for the past year, Tan.
I've loved every part of it.

Time to move on for me, but I will be around from time to time.
Thanks for all your wonderful support everyone!

Love Chelle Xx

Michelle Jamieson said...
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Anonymous said...
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