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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Scrapping Stimulus...

Welcome to another weekend everyone!
Today I wanted to honour our silent and usually well-loved friends in my Saturday post - our teddies. Who didn't have a well-loved teddy bear or toy when they were growing up? I know I LOVED my big Paddington bear (and was devastated when my mum threw him out. So what if he only had one eye and a huge hole where his nose used to be??), and I still have the little vibrant green hippo that was given to me on the day I was born. My kids have their favourites too. Elizabeth has an emu called Memu and a teddy bear named, imaginatively enough, Teddy Bear, while Phillip cannot sleep without his Nigh Nigh Bear!

"A bear remains a bear - even when most of him has fallen off or worn away."
~Charlotte Gray
So this weekend I'd love to see you create something to honour those best friends of years gone by (or even current friends. My mum still sleeps with a teddy!). Take a trip down memory lane and rediscover your old silent friend.


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous Ted Kylie! Alz :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Kylie he's gorgeous.

I have about 100 bears here, some of them sit in my scraproom and watch me work.

I still have my old doll that was given to me when I was two, she's 60 years old now.

Lizzy xx