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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fancy Pants "About a Girl" papers - A layout by Annie Zorzo

Do you have beautiful girls in your family....but don't like PINK?  If you do and you are, you sound like me.  I find it so frustrating when I go to buy my girls clothes and all I can find is pink, pink and more pink, so despite my dislike of pink I've been forced to embrace it.  So this week I decided to make a layout about the colour I dislike most and the one that makes up the majority of my endless rounds of washing.

I didn't want this layout to be too structured, so I mixed alot of different techniques and elements to give a bit of a different feel.  To make this layout you'll need.
* Fancy Pants "About a Girl" papers - Rosalie, Olivia, Kenley & Striped Girl
* Letter stickers - American Craft Thickers & Making Memories Mini Alphas
* Chipboard - 2 Crafty Tree, Grass and birds
* Mesh Ribbon
* Green Tara Paper String
* Mini Clothes Pegs - from a craft shop
* Versa Colour Inks
* Twinklets Diamond Dust and Black Glitter
* Flower sprays
* Paint
* Thread

1.  First mix up some hot pink paint and splash it onto the dark side of Rosalie paper, which will become your base paper, and leave to dry

2. Tear some side pieces out of the base paper and on the exposed torn edges, ink with varying shades of pink ink.  I've used Opera Pink and Cinnamon Versa Colour.  Position "About a Girl" Kenley paper at the back and cut around the holes so you can keep the majority of the paper for another project.

3.  Start stitching around the whole edge of the Rosalie base paper with pink thread.

4.  I usually add my title last but as the American Craft Thickers I wanted to use are larger than what I would normally go for, I added my title next to make sure everything else would balance.  And as my photos is of clothes on the washing line, I also wanted my title to look they were on a washing line too.  To make the line, I took some hot pink mesh ribbon and twisted it with double sided tape on the inside to make the twist stick.  I then stapled this onto the base papers and attached the letters with mini clothes pegs.
5.  Then to attach my photo, I coloured some Green Tara Paper Ribbon with Versa Colour Ink (Tanyah has pink ribbon in the shop...I just didn't have any!!), tied it to the "O" in the title and stapled the other end to the base papers.  I then attached the photo with more mini clothes pegs.

6.  Finally with my embellishments, I wanted them to embrace the pink theme as well and then arranged in the bottom left hand corner.

  • From "Striped Girl" I cut the pink and green spot scalloped strip, cut into sections and used the reverse side as well
  • Cut a piece of hot pink mesh ribbon 
  • Inked some 2Crafty Grass chipboard in varying green Versa Colour inks - bringing in some green from the photo and balancing out the use of pink.
  • Inked a 2 Crafty Tree chipboard in pink Versa Colour ink and added Diamond Dust and Black Glitter.
  • Cut the pink flowers of a flower spray and attached them to the tree.
  • Covered another chipboard bird with "Olivia" paper.

And there you have it - a layout with the Fancy Pants "About a Girl" papers where I have embraced my inner pink!

Have a go at making a layout about the colour you like least and with an unconventional photo.  We'd love to see what you come up with in the gallery .

Enjoy your long weekend Sunday and hope the sun is shining where-ever you are.

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