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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Christmas Gift Tags - by Annie Zorzo

Well I don't know about you....but up here on the north coast of NSW, I'm so sick of the rain!  Not only can't I get my endless rounds of washing done (not to self, invest in a clothes dryer!) but over the school holidays, it's been so hard to keep my daughter occupied.  To get rid of some cabin fever this week we went shopping and I'm always surprised by how early we start to see Christmas things in the shops.  It always gives me a kick in the pants to really start thinking and get organised.

So this week, with all the rain and to keep children occupied, we made some Christmas Gift Tags.  They're really easy to do, can get them whipped up in no-time and can tick gift tags off your Christmas list of things to do.

To make them you will need:

  • Price Tags or Luggage Tags - find them at an office supply shop - or make your own from cardstock 
  • All your stamps 
  • Inks - Limit your colour selection to three - I choose red, green and brown.
  • Your computer and printer
And here's how:
1.  If your going to make your own gift tags from cardstock, mine are measured at 5cm wide by 9.5 cm high.  If you're using bought ones, remove the string before starting to stamp.
2.  Basically there are no rules - except to start with your larger background stamps first.  I have very few Christmas stamps so most of mine are swirls, scrolls, love hearts, script writing, butterflies and even travel based stamps with postage stamps, luggage tags and a compass!  With mine, it's the traditional red and green with a little bit of brown that brings out the Christmas feel.  Alternate your colours and stamp away layering them as you go until your happy.
3.  On your computer, make a table and make each 'cell' of the table the exact size of your tag.  Select a font and type in To: and From: spacing it down the tag.
4.  Print onto paper
5.  Cut a very thin 2mm thick double sided tape.  Line up your tag inside the table with your stamped side facing down to the paper.  Secure your tag at the very top edge with your double sided tape.  Print again.
6.  Carefully remove tags from the paper.  They should come off easily but if the double sided tape gives you grief, trim the top of the tag by the 2mm thickness of the tape.
7.  Rethread the tags with string or add some decorative ribbon from your stash.

I've made mine fairly simply as there was a pre-schooler involved but there is no reason why you can't use embossing powders, glimmermist, bling, even some patterned paper to make yours.  Look through your stash or visit the shop and get busy!!!!!  Christmas is ...gulp... 11 weeks away!

Enjoy your day while I look forward to my cherub going back to pre-school tomorrow!!!


Shazz said...

GREAT idea Annie....and a great way to keep the little people amused.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea Annie. Sounds like a fabulous excuse to try some new techniques too coz if it doesn't work it's not a huge loss IYKWIM. Your tags look great. Thanks for the inspiration. Alz :)