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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A non-traditional Christmas using Crate Paper - A Layout by Annie Zorzo

Christmas has landed in our house!!!  I'm not a real tradionalist going with the 'norm', so we've starting a new family tradition where we set up the Christmas Tree on the 24th November.  I know some people say it's bad luck to put it up before the 1st December but it just seems like it's up and down so quick...besides my eldest was so excited and I just couldn't deny that kind of Christmas spirit. 

I'm also not a huge fan of using papers just because they have a theme associated with them.  So this week I've made a Christmas layout using the new 'Season Collection' by Crate Paper....and I love it.  I also got to play with some new products that I can't wait to tell you about so lets get down to it.  Here is my non-traditional Christmas layout....

Products I used include:
Love paper from Crate Paper's 'Season Collection'
Cardstock - white and blue
Viva Ferro metallic texture paste
JudiKins Embossing Powder - Sticky Stuff
Flocking - White
Glimmermist - Indian Corn

Chipboard Christmas Tree
Kindyglitz - Crystalina
Americian Thickers - Lullaby Glitter
Bella Glittered Chipz
VersaMark Water Mark
Ribbon - Dotted

Fundamentals Felt Icons - Love Heart
Bling Flourish Puffy - Red
Paper Flowers
Versa Colour Ink
Zig Pen

I love how this layout has all come together.  Rather than going for the Christmas Papers that you might reach for on a Christmas layout, I grabbed the Love paper from Crate Papers Season Collection and made 'Love' my central theme.  I hope you like it as much as I do!

I'm not going to do a step-by-step for you this week on the layout as I want to tell you about two techniques with texture paste and embossing powders that I used making they layout.  Seriously they are fabulous.  Tanyah gave me a little sample to go and play with and I'm going to be running back to the shop to get my hands on them to keep!

I'm loving this texture paste.  I just want to keep touching the finished product and it gave the whole layout a new feel.  I cut a love heart from blue cardstock but to simply put that down on the layout would be a bit boring.  I grabbed my Doddle Genie Whimsical Template, the Viva Ferro Metallic Texture Paste in Silver and got messy!!

1. Lay what-ever template you're using over your carstock

2. Using your finger, scope up some Viva Ferro and start working it into the template.
HINT: Make sure you hold it down firmly so it doesn't move and smear the areas you've already done.  HINT: Paint and foam brushes don't work as well as your finger.  You want to really push the texture paste into the template.

3. Once the desired area is covered, carefully lift up your template
HINT: I cleaned up with baby wipes

4. Leave the cardstock to dry.
HINT: I only used a thin layer of texture paste so drying time was quick.  If you apply thicker layers you'll have to leave it longer or use your heat gun.

Now the Judi-kins Sticky Stuff is just as fabulous as the Viva Ferro and so versatile.  Basically you would emboss as you normally would but once you've finished with your heat gun, it leaves a sticky surface on your project.  To this you can add anything!!!  Glitter, flocking, gold/silver leaf etc and they will all give your project a completely different look.

I do apologise here, as the photos I took of the different steps have come up really blurry, but here is a detailed step by step.

1. Using a VersaMark Watermark ink pad, I inked up my Chipboard Christmas Tree.
2. On a central folded sheet of paper, I sprinkled Judi-Kins Sticky stuff over the top of the inked tree.  Carefully picking up the tree and shaking off the access onto the paper, I then folded the paper and gently direct the access powder back into the container.
3. I heat embossed the powder.
4. Once all the powder has turned transparent, I added white flocking, making sure to press it down to stick onto the Sticky Stuff.  I returned the access flocking into the container just like I did with the Sticky Stuff.
5. I then sprayed my white flocking with Glimmermist
6. To add some extra sparkle to my Christmas tree I added some Kindy Glitz

And here is a close up of the finished Viva Ferro and Judi-Kins Stick Stuff...

I hope I've added a few more things into your scrapbox that you will get heaps of use out of - you won't regret either of these or the Season Collection by Crate Paper.  Pop on over the Tanyah Shop - Scrap n Craft with T now as she still has huge savings and specials on these products and more!  See you next week.

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What a nice Christmas layout. Thanks for sharing this.