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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Step-by-step single page layout by Sarah Rickard

Here is my step-by-step layout using the Echo Park (walk in the garden range) of papers.

Here is my layout:-

Here is the list of materials for this layout:-

*  dark brown cardstock
*  Staples
*  6 x 8 photo (or you could use a combination of other sized photos for your layout) 

Tools used for this layout are: - scissors, 12 inch cutter, distress tool and sandpaper

Step 1

* Using the playful stripes patterned paper (about 9inches) from the top of the page cut out the blue zig zag pattern all the way across the sheet of paper.

Step 2

* Once you have cut the zig zag, tear the left hand edge of the paper at approximately 10 inches. On the top and right hand sides of the pages use a distress tool to "rough up" the edges".   

Now you have the basis of the background to the layout.

Step 3

* Using the remaining paper that you have torn - turn over to use the underside (green side) and use a distress tool on the top and right hand side edges.

Step 4

* Using the flutter patterned paper cut a 1 1/4 x 9 3/4 inch strip.  On the bottom edge of the strip tear it and then use a distress tool on the outer edges.

Step 5

*  Using the playground patterned paper cut a 1 x 12inch strip.  Use a distress tool on the outer edges of the strip.

Step 6

*  Glimmer Mist the chipboard word.  I gave mine a good covering of the mist to get the colour right for the layout.  Make sure you use your Glimmer Mist away from your work station to ensure that you dont accidently "mist" your layout.

Now we are ready to put the layout together.

Step 7
*  Adhere the strip of playful stripes (green side facing up)  approximately 1/2 inch from the right hand corner of the layout and slightly angle it inwards towards the bottom of the strip.  Place 2 staples in the corner of the paper.

Step 8
*  Adhere the strip of flutter (orange side up) approximately 1/2inch from the right hand corner of the green strip.

Step 9

*  Adhere the large section of playful strips to your page approximately 1/2 inch inside the flutter orange paper - as seen below.

Step 10

*  Place your photo towards the middle of the playful stripes paper (I slightly tilted my photo on to the right).

Step 11

*  Using the strip of playground, start on the left hand side of the page and work in towards the centre of the page folding the paper back onto itself to give it some texture.  Fold the corner of the left hand side and staple - as seen below.

Step 12

*  Adhere the chipboard word to the layout - as seen below.

Step 13

* As a little extra enhancement to the layout I finger painted some glimmer mist around the top and right hand edges of the layout and papers.

I hope you liked this step-by-step, until next time, happy scrapping!

Sarah xoxoxo

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Anonymous said...

Sarah I love the black cardstock as such a wow factor contrast on this LO. Looks great. Gorgeous photo!!! Alz :) xx