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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Adirondack alcohol inks - Tip 101

I will confess that the thought of alcohol inks  spun me out a bit to begin with - they were only for  really  clever people who  were  really  arty and amazing!  BUT  I have a LOVE of all things Tim Hotz and he does amazing stuff so  I  decided I had to give it a try!!  AND  Im so glad I did.  There are  LOTS  of things to do with Alcohol inks so bit by bit I  will share  some of these techniques with you.

For this week I am  going  to show  how easy it is to change the colour of metal using alcohol inks.  I LOVE  doing  Artist trading cards and one of the themes I have to do is  steampunk - which is kind of Mad max  meets Emily Bronte!  I wanted to use some metal  embellies but not have the silver metal look - so I took my  little metal bits and put them in a bag

I then added a few drops of Cranberry alcohol ink .....rolled the beads around in the bag

The  alcohol ink changes the colour of the metal - I just  set them aside to dry and  VOILA

Cool huh!!!!  Ill be back next week with another cool technique using alcohol inks....

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea to pop them in the plastic bag Lisa!! TFS! Alz :)