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Sunday, September 5, 2010

A last minute Father's Day Card - by Annie Zorzo

Happy Father's Day everyone!  Hope you're already enjoying your day where-ever you are and were organised with cards and gifts for dad when the kids climbed into bed!   ....But, not to worry if things got on top of you this week and you're not quite there, here's a simple little card that you can make up with the kids in no time.  Just grab the kids, go hiding for a while and come back surprising dad with this.

Materials you’ll need:
How to do it:
1. Cut your Cardstock 21cm high x 15cm wide and score across the middle to fold.  This size will fit into a standard C6 office envelope.
2.  On a separate piece of paper or cardstock, cut out an 8x8cm square.
3. Grab a whole heap of your scrap paper.  I’ve used all blue scraps but there is no reason why you can’t mix up the colours and make it a bit funky.
4. With strips of scrap paper, tear along the bottom edge.  You don’t want your strips to be higher than 1.5cm or longer than 8cm.  You actually want them in varying lengths to mix it up to create some visual interest.  You can also use a edge punch or shaped scissors to create some different edges - Tanyah has lots of different edge punches if your looking for something different.
5. Ink the bottom edge of each strip, whether torn, punched or cut.  Darker inks work better, I've used Versa Colour Pinecone.
6. With your 8x8cm square and starting from the bottom edge working upwards, start sticking your strips down being sure to over lap them and start from various points.  Don’t worry if they overlap the edge of your 8x8cm square, you’ll be trimming it later.

7. Once finished, turn over to the back and use the 8x8cm square to trim of the overlapping pieces.  Then turning back to the front, use your finger nail to distress the edges to create some volume and texture.
8. Next cut a 8.5x8.5cm square from some coordinating coloured cardstock.  Measure 0.8mm in from all sides to create a smaller square.  Cut out a smaller square, creating a frame.  Note: If your doing this with your children, they might need help with this bit, especially if your using a craft knife.
9. Ink the edge of your frame and then glue the frame over your finished collage of distressed, inked scrap strips.  

10. Glue the framed strips to the front of your card to one side.
11. Ink the edges of your card and using a zig pen, draw stitch lines around the edge of the card and the inner and outer edge of your frame.  I find faux stitching works better as a craft activity with children and when you're in hurry, better than getting the sewing machine out or a needle and thread…but the choice is yours.

12. Now, on your computer, select a font and type your sentiment.  You can enlarge the font and change the colour to match your card.
13. Print on some heavy paper or cardstock and then cut out.  Kids can cut in straight lines rather than curvy ones.
14. Ink the edges and then with mounting tape/squares, fix to the card. 
15. You can stamp a sentiment on the inside like I have with one of the many stamps available from Tanyah or leave it blank for your own sentiment. 

So that’s it, a simple crafty card made in a flash so you can go and enjoy the rest of your day with Dad.  

What I love about this card is that you can adapt it to other occasions as well.  You might like to try these and show us in the gallery what you've come up with.
  • Red and green scraps in the shape of a Christmas Tree;
  • Yellow scraps and some glitter in the shape of Christmas ornaments;
  • Red scraps in the shape of a love heart for Valentines Day; or
  • Any colour in the shape of a cake and candles for a birthday.
Enjoy your day and don't forget some photos of Dad's special day so you can scrap them later! 


Tanyah Payne said...

Wow annie love this card. Have a wonderful day everyone xx

Shazz said...

this is a great idea Annie for using up scrap pieces of paper and the card look great.