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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bella "Ancestry" Range - Step-by-step layout by Sarah Rickard

Morning everyone!

Today I have created a layout using 2 pieces of Bella Ancestry patterned paper and no cardstock.
I have used:-

 The other materials I have used are:-

* Ruby Rock-It Upstairs Downstairs Crochet Flowers
*  white lace
*  staples

Step 1
* Cut out the swirl you see here in the top left hand corner of the "Saga" patterned paper

Step 2
*  Adhere the swirl to the top right hand corner of the "Posterity" patterned paper.  Then arrange 5 wallet sized photos on your layout - I have a strip of 3 photos and then a strip of 2 photos (as seen below)

Step 3

* Using the other side of the "Saga" patterned paper cut a 4.5cm x 30xm strip and either using a scallop ruler or freehand a scallop along the bottom of it and cut it out.
Step 4

*  Using the strip of patterned paper - start 2.5cm in from the right hand side of the page directly underneath the photos - using staples to adhere it to the page, start folding it back onto itself (like a concertina).

Step 5

*  Staple a strip of lace across the top of the strip of "Saga" patterned paper.  I have also placed a Ruby Rock-It crochet flower at the start of the "Saga" strip of patterned paper- as seen below

Step 6

*  Using the Ruby Rock-It Chipboard Alphas put your title across the page.
You are now done!

Here is my finished layout:
I hope you all enjoyed this step-by-step this morning.

Until next time, happy scrapping
Sarah xoxoxoxo

1 comment:

Susan said...

Lovely layout, Sarah! The children have grown so much since last year :)