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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Two Cards for Valentine's Day by Ingeborg Dijkstra

Valentine's Day is a perfect day to make a card for someone you love! I made two cards this week; one with handmade flowers out of tissue paper (see instructions at the end of this post) and one with 'floating circles', that move when you walk past.

Materials used for these cards:

  • I cut a sheet of teal cardstock in half (6" x 12")
  • I folded the sheet three times to have four equal rectangles.

  • Using my hole punch, I punched two holes (2.5") in the middle of the middle fold (see picture below).

  • I punched four 1.5" circles out the patterned paper.

  • I tied a string across the larger punched circled. I also tied it in the middle and a the top (see picture below).

  • I glued the punched circles together in the middle of the punched holes. Since the circles spin a little bit, I wanted to make sure the back was as pretty as the front.

  • I punched scallop circles (3") in light pink and I punched a 2" hole in them. I glued the scalloped border around the holes.

  • I doodled around the circles and scalloped border.

  • I added some die cuts, strips of paper and stamped 'I love You' on the card 10 times (I wanted to make sure the receiver of the card got the message)...
  • Inside the card is plenty of room for a handwritten message. I will add my message to the card later, because it is too personal to share here ...
  • Done!

Instructions 'I love You Card':

  • I hand cut the scalloped circle out of the patterned paper.
  • This circle will be the 'sentiment' on the card.

  • I cut some strips out of the leftover patterned paper to cover the front.
  • Using the alphabet stickers I created 'I love you'.
  • I outlined the stickers to make them stand out.
  • I made flowers out of tissue paper (the kind that you can get anywhere in the gift wrapping department).
  • I folded the paper a few times and punched a few dozen 1" circles ( see picture 1 below).
  • PLEASE NOTE: if you try to punch though only one or two layers of tissue paper, it will most likely not work and you could damage your punch! I punched 8 layers at the time and that worked fine!
  • I put about 20 punched circles on top of each other (picture 2).
  • Using a hole piercer I pierced a hole through the punched circles (picture 3).

    I put a piece of wire through the bead and twisted the wire a few times (picture 4). I put the wire through the punched hole (picture 5, 6 and 7).

  • I cut a bit of the wire so it won't stick out (picture 8).
  • I 'separated' the wires to make it 'stick' (picture 9 and 10).
  • The pearl is nicely centred in the middle (picture 11).
  • Using my fingers I crinkled the paper to make a flower shape (picture 12).


Diana Meade said...

Thank you for showing me step by step how to create these lovely Valentines. I am so going to make some of those little tissue flowers. Just perfect. Happy Valentine's day to you and all your team.

Pam said...

I am so going to this card, it is so cute. Thank you

Melissa Kennedy said...

fantastic card - are going to have to try one of these myself

nic said...

Gorgeous Ingeborg!! Love those flowers...xxxooo

scrappin_in_AK said...

wonderful cards

toinx said...

very nice~!!! luv em all~