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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

5 Card Kit and step-by-step by Nic Amber

Why buy a card this Valentines Day when you can make one easily yourself and it means so much more to the person receiving it.
This card kit includes step-by-step instructions on how you can make heartfelt cards yourself using just a few simple techniques. You can make one card for Valentine's Day and use the rest throughout the year for Birthdays, Anniversary or just to say you care.
These cards aptly use the Fancy Pants Vintage Valentine range and include a mix of traditional and kraft paper.

This kit includes...
  • 5 x cards and envelopes
  • 3 x patterned paper
  • cardstock
  • red paper raffia

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1.
Take your red cardstock and cut three 10cm x 14.5cm pieces (put two aside for other cards).
Take your patterned paper (the one with the words all over it) and cut two 9cm x 13.5cm pieces (put one aside for another card).
Attach the 'words' paper to the cardstock leaving an even margin.
Note: I have distressed the papers edge with a distressing tool but you can just as easily leave it straight if you prefer. (Tanyah can get these ordered in for you if you want one, they make it so easy to distress the edges of your paper).

Step 2.
Cut a 2 inch x 6 inch strip from the kraft patterned paper (the one with the valentine images on it). Cut the strip into three 2 inch x 2 inch squares. I have machine sewed around the edges but that is totally optional, if you don't have a sewing machine you can doodle a border, ink the edges or leave it as is.

Step 3.
From the 'words' patterned paper cut out a sentiment, in this case I used "TO MY VALENTINE" but you can choose what you like. I have used the red cardstock to mat the sentiment to help it stand out a bit.
Layer the 2 inch squares over the 'words' patterned paper and then add the sentiment to the top and you're done!


Step 1.
Cut a 2 inch x 6 inch strip from your spotty kraft paper and then cut three 2 inch squares from it.
Attach the 10cm x 14.5cm piece of red cardstock you cut earlier to the card base.
Layer the squares of patterned paper over the top then lay a strip of double sided tape over them.

Step 2.
Cut a length of paper raffia to 7 inches and attach to the double-sided tape.
Cut a 1 inch x 12 inch strip of the 'words' patterned paper and stick down over the raffia. Fold the paper strip over and under to create a pleated strip.
Cut off the excess paper and press down to attach firmly.
Lay the raffia over this paper strip and tuck the end underneath to secure. Cut a smaller length of raffia and tie around the secured length of raffia to finish off.


Step 1.

Take your 'words' patterned paper that you cut earlier and turn it over to find this dotted paper. I have doodled a border with pen but that is optional.
Cut a strip of red cardstock 2.5cm wide by 30cm long and staple it to the card edge.

Step 2.
Fold the red cardstock over and under (I have folded roughly every 3 cm or so), this may take a bit to get the hang of but once you like the fold you can staple it down as you go. Cut off any excess paper.
Cut a strip of the 'words' paper and attach over the top.

Step 3.
Cut a 7 inch length of paper raffia and twist it tightly. Shape it to make a heart and then staple to the card so it will stay in place. All done!


Step 1.
Take your kraft patterned paper (with the valentine images on it) and cut it to measure 3.5 inches x 5 inches.
Tie the raffia around the paper three times and secure to the back. Cut a shorter piece of raffia and tie around the three pieces to make a bow.

Step 2.
From the 'words' paper cut out a suitable sentiment and mat with red cardstock.
Attach the piece of red cardstock (you cut out earlier) to the card and then layer the patterned paper and the sentiment to the bottom corner. Done!


Step 1.

Take your 'spotty' patterned kraft paper and cut a 4 inch x 5.5 inch rectangle, attach to the card base. Cut two lengths of raffia about 3 inches and 3.5 inches long and attach to the bottom of the kraft paper.

Step 2.
Cut out a heart shape from the red cardstock (you can do this freehand or use the template shape provided in the kit).
Cut a sentiment from the 'words' patterned paper to suit your card.
Attach the heart over the raffia and then the sentiment on top of that. I have doodled a border around the patterned paper with pen, this is optional - you could also ink around the edges too. All done.

At $9.00 this kit is great value so be sure to get in quick and start creating so you can share the love with those that mean so much to you!!

To purchase this kit click HERE to go to the Scrap N Craft with T shop.....

Take care everyone!


Sarah Rickard said...

Gorgeous cards Nic :-)

Diana Meade said...

Hi Tanyah, Thank you for the great directions and the ideas for making these cards. I need to be reminded to get myself in gear for Valentine creating. Your scrapbook pages are lovely and I know from (only a little)experience that scrapping the way you do it is harder than it looks! Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope to connect with you more.

Ingeborg Dijkstra- Verbeek said...

Nic; what a wonderful job you have done to create this beautiful cards with those papers! Gorgeous!