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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Using up your foil/ jac paper scraps

Here is our 3rd technique using foils...
Materials Needed
  • Jac paper
  • Chipboard shape
  • Foil

Step 1

  • Cut out or use a already cut out chipboard alpha/shape

  • Tear up your jac paper into peices

Step 2

  • Take off one side of the jac paper
  • Place the jac paper randomly over your chipboard shape
  • NOTE: the shapes don't have to be touching each other.

Step 3

  • Once the jac paper is on the shape
  • Peel off the other side of the jac paper
  • Find one colour of foil
  • Make sure your looking at the colour when placing it onto the stick jac paper
  • Cover all the jac paper with one colour

  • Place More bits of jac paper onto your shape
  • Fill up all the areas that haven't got foil on it
  • Peal the top layer of the jac paper
  • Cover with another colour of foil

Step 4

I have put a center peice in the middle of my letter
If your doing a flower you may want to do something similar.....

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HAVE fun!....if you have any questions please email me.....

Luv Tanxx

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