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Monday, September 1, 2008

PAGE 4 - overalls altered album

Step 1
Cut a photo to size 7.5 x 5 cm
Step 2 Cut teh orange card to size 8 x8.5 cm
Step 3 Sand the edges of photo and adhere photo onto the orange card
Step 4 Draw and cut an arrow on the left side of orange card
Step 5 Carefully tear the bottom
Step 6 Find some ribbon about 1cm wide and 14cm long
Step 7 Place double sided tape on the back of the ribbon
Step 8 Place one end under the cardstock
Step 9 Adhere about 1 cm, then double sided the tape and palced down and repeat a few times and then lay the ribon flat and under the photo
Step 10 I had cut the word 'boy' out of the patterned paper and placed the phtot under the cut out word
Step 11 I then added rubon words to the title
Step 12 Adhere a corner embellishment to the top right side of photo

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