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Friday, September 5, 2008


This is one of my favourite techniques for this is one way glitter can be adhered and not come off and flack anywhere!

Materials USED:
Chipboard shape
Glitter (2 colours)
Versa mark ink

Step 1

  • Find a Chip shape/alpha
  • Find something that can have 2 colours

Step 2

  • Find your Versamark/watermark ink

Step 3

  • Ink the first part only that you want to glitter

Step 4

  • When the ink is still wet
  • sprinkle the UTEE over the top
  • Shake off any excess and place back into container/packet

Step 5

  • Heat the UTEE until it is melted
  • once powder is melted
  • look to see if you would like to adhere some more UTEE
  • Make sure the UTEE on the chip shape is wet
  • Apply more of the UTEE on top
  • Reheat

Step 6

  • Till it looks like this

Step 7

  • Find your glitter and your heat gun

Step 8

  • Heat your utee again
  • When the UTEE is WET
  • sprinkle the glitter
  • Then reheat to sock the glitter into the UTEE

Step 9

Till it looks like this

Step 10

  • Using your versamark/watermark ink
  • Ink the rest of your shape

Step 11

  • Ink it until it is wet like this

Step 12

  • Sprinkle the UTEE over the wet part
  • Heat using your heat gun
  • reapply the powder and reheat if necessary

Step 13

  • Repeat the above steps
  • Make sure the UTEE is melted and hot before sprinkling the glitter

Step 14 - finished shape

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Hope you have enjoyed this one! Xx


Susan said...

How clever, quick and easy, Tan!! Great result!!

Jodi said...

Tanya, stupid question, what is UTEE????
I will use this when i know what UTEE is??? Suppose its something simple hey?

Tanyah Payne said...

All questions are welcomed Jodi!. UTEE is a clear thick embossing powder. It almost looks like thick grains of sugar.