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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fab Foil & LACE!!!!!!!

Materials Needed

Jac Paper
2 Different Foil colours
Chip Alpha/shape

Step 1

Cut out your alpha shape out of jac paper
Take off the backing of the jac paper
Place onto the chip/shape

Step 2

  • Secure and rub the jac paper onto the chip alpha/shape
  • Take off the top layer of the jac paper

Step 3

  • Place your lace over the top of the jac paper
  • Place your foil on top of the lace and press down firmly
  • Make sure the coloured part of the foil you can see

Step 4

  • This is where you must use a stylus or it will be almost impossible.
  • Using your stylus rub the foil onto the sticky alpha/shape
  • NOTE: make sure you rub the foil onto all the creases of the lace
  • If you lift up and see white bits place back and keep rubbing

Step 5

  • So it looks like this

Step 6

  • When you have all the creases completely covered with one colour of foil
    • Take the lace off
  • To look like this

Step 7

  • Find the other colour of fab foil (different to the one you just used)
  • Place the foil over the top of your sticky patterned alpha/shape

Step 8

Use a stylus and rub generously to allow the foil to stick into all the creases

Step 9

  • Take off the foil
  • Check that no white spaces are left
  • to look like this!

Congratulations you have now finished your second fab foil technique!... hope you have had fun! any question please email me!

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have fun
Luv TanXx


Gypsyangel said...

I really love this technique Tan, looks awesome. Think I will be getting me some of that foil.


Susan said...

That's a great way to use the foil, Tan. Thanks for showing it! I really like the pack of Foil, Glitter and Flock I bought from your shop, btw :)