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Monday, September 1, 2008

COVER - overall album workshop

Step 1 Trace onto patterned paper the flaps for the overalls

Step 2 Cut a v shape

Step 3 Place a double sided foam tape on the back and adhere onto the overals

Step 4 Ink your buttons

Step 5 Sew your buttons and tie a knot than adhere to overalls

Step 6 Find another patterned paper and cover the pocket

Step 7 Adhere pocket onto the overalls

Step 8 Place some double sided tape on the back of scrap paper

Step 9 Then all over the place adhere onto the patterned paper and left off to get a rough worn look

Step 10 Cut a zig zag edge square - min is 3x3cm

Step 11 Place foam tape on the back

Step 12 Sew onsome of the edges to look like a patch

Step 13 Cut and sand edges of tiny photo - mine is 2.5 x 2.5cm

Step 14 Adhere onto your overalls

Step 15 Cut 2cm strip of same patterned paper as the pocket

Step 16 Adhere to the bottom of the overalls and then trim the edges

Step 17 I then added the rubon word 'our' to the patterned paper

Step 18 Adhere to your front cover and trim if needed

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