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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

FOIL - paint, glitter

Materials NEEDED
Jac Paper
One Colour of Foil
Chip alpha/shape
Paint/pigment ink
Clear glitter
Punch (any small shape)
Step 1

  • Trace your chip letter/shape onto the Jac Paper
  • NOTE: Those of you that may not know what jac paper is. It is sticky paper on both sides like double sided tape
  • Cut out your Chip alpha/shape

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

  • Find some quick drying paint like Making memories
  • Paint/pigment ink over the entier shape where the punch outs were
  • Sprinkle some clear/crystal glitter
  • Leave to dry for a half hour

Step 5

  • Peal off the Jac Paper, leaving the stick part. You will be left with coloured shapes on your letter and the rest will be sticky

Step 6

  • Get your coloured Fab Foil and place onto yoru stick jack paper
  • NOTE: make sure you are looking at the coloured side when placing the fab foils down onto the Jac Paper
  • Rub using your fingers or stylus around the shapes

Step 7

  • Once you have rubed all over
  • Lift your foil carefully
  • If you haven't rubed firmly enough than you will see white bits and you can replace the foil and rub over again
  • You will see through the foil where it has come off

Finished shape/alpha

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