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Monday, June 14, 2010


Children & Scrapbooking

At first I found it hard to let my children into my sacred place - 'The Craft Room', but eventually I saw the positive side of it all. If I created a small spot for them to be a part of my world it would give me a great sense of pride that they are just like mumma and love craft and that they are actually enjoying themselves.

 It is true that they beam with each creation that they conjure up. I love to see what they create when they pull out their stash of papers, ribbons and stickers. Sure i still have stock go missing on the odd occasion that has me thinking where did i put that - but we all have an understanding now -- just ask first before you make it into your masterpiece.

Both of my children love to create. Their thinking process in creating is simple and they like to add balance to their pages. Yes they do ask mum what should I do, but I am very minimal on my advice as I truly want them to be proud of their creation in the knowing that they did it all by themselves.

In Emily's creation below she was given a piece of printed cardstock that I originally was using on a layout but decided against it. She took this half circle and cut it to bits then created a mosaic on her page then added flower stamps. Oh and being a girl she absolutely adores Kindy Glitz - i have had to buy this in the large bottle as we run out too quick with the small one.

When scrapbooking with the children I tend to ask them a question and as they answer I type it into the computer then they sit at the computer to change it to the font that they want.

Queen of the Fairies - created by Emily - age 10

In Ryan's layout below he chose to do a title in stamping. Because he was so young and because his favourite color was red at the time he did not realise that his title blended in so much, so with gentle persuasion i gave him a black pen and said how fantastic the title would be if he traced around it - helping it stand out so that it was easy to see. 

Ryan wanted to use paint - so we found some that matched the color of the cloak that he was wearing in the picture and he wanted it to be sparkly paint because he was a king. He foraged through all my stamps and found some crowns for the corners which he painted in his favourite color. His picture was cut out  as he had seen his big sister doing it ( and mummy helped do this for both of them after they had finished... i am a bit pedantic about straight edges) 

King for a day - created by Ryan - age 8

Both of my children have a love of creating. The trick I guess is to welcome them into the craft space with open arms, lots of encouragement and love. I try to make it lots of fun and let them get into the messy side with paint and our newest best friend texture paste ( I have had to hide that one from my daughter as it has come a bit like the kindy glitz - lol) .

My whole thought on this process is that we are all spending quality time together and that we are encouraging each other to be the best that we can and to appreciate each others uniqueness. 

I hope you all have a great week and have fun creating with your little loved ones.

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Susan said...

Fantastic layouts, Tracey! you have talented children :)and it's great that you share your scrapping space and love of expressing yourself with them.