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Friday, June 18, 2010

Embellish it Competition - Week 1... who is going to the next round..?????

Thankyou everyone for your support and wonderful work in the gallery. I know we are all short of time and have lots in our days and weeks.

Your work is amazing and I love seeing what you all come up with. Thankyou EVERYONE that commented in the gallery too. I am sure you all enjoyed seeing people leaving some lovin about your work.

If you have been eliminated from this round DONT GIVE UP! keep going, place in the challenged section in the gallery, so you can still go for the running of 2 prizes at the end of the 9 weeks.

If you didn't get to do the challenge this week your welcome to have a go and place your work in the challenge section of the gallery! It is all about trying things you wouldn't normally do and stretch yourself and ablilities to acheive your very best. At the end of the day if your happy with it, than thats all that matters!


......drum roll.................

CONGRATS TO.................SUE SMITH!.... YAYAYAY!....

Sue you will receive a $20 voucher to spend very soon coming your way via email....


The people who are continuing on with the comp for WEEK 2 are...

  • Nightwolf
  • belynda
  • Annie
  • Tiff
  • pinkscrapper
  • Vintagej
  • Anthea
  • Goddessjodi
  • MichelleW
  • Kirsten
  • Pauly
  • qldscrapper
  • sharms
  • Rachwa
  • Lexie
  • kath parker
  • mum2-3
  • Leish
  • kirstiem
  • Lauren.
  • Ness
  • blondone
  • malinda
  • silvercat
  • Amanda73
  • Diane
  • xoxAlyssaxox
 Remember same rules as last week!....
  • Challenge will go up at 12pm today
  • Your projects/layouts will need to be in by midnight wednesay next week.
  • HAVE FUN!...

Thankyou for being part of the comp it is wonderful to see so much tallent out their having fun!
Have a wonderful Friday
Luv Tan & My Design Team Xx

PS. I haven't had a chance to photograph my layout, it is on display at the shop if you are local and want to pop in and have a peek. I will try and remember to take my camera to work today and get it up for you!   xx


amanda73 said...

oh wow, thank you fro not eliminating me..... cant wait to see what round 2 challenge is

lyn said...

Whoo hoo...Thanks gals :D Massive congrats to sue..Your layout was absolutely beautiful!! Well deserved :D xxx

Lauren said...

Congrats Sue! So glad I made it through. Can't wait for the next lot of criteria. :)

Sarah Rickard said...

Congratulations Sue! Well done ladies, some absolutely fantastic layouts for week 1 - cant wait to see what you all create this week :-)

Sara said...

Congrats Sue and the other ladies who also made it through.

Can't wait to see whats in store this week. :)

xoxAlyssaxox said...

Amazing Sue :) well done xx Cant wait to see what's up for the next round! Xx

Mal said...

wahoo!!! yay bring on week 2!

congrats sue!!! awesome work!

Yillup said...

Congratulations Sue - your layout is beautiful! And a big congrats to the awesome ladies who've made it to my challenge! Remember all you talented ladies who didn't make it through this week, to keep on going in the challenge sections to stay in the running for a prize and to keep the 10% discount!

Manda said...

Congrats Sue on your win. Awesome LO! Well done all those through to next round. Wonder what fun is in store for us this week??!!

sueat17 said...

Oooh YAY!! Thank you so much...what a thrill...I must say I was pretty happy with that LO myself...sometimes things just fall into place...just hope I can keep the momentum going for this week ;)
It's fantastic to see so many awesome entries in this comp...can't wait to see what you've come up with for this week Kylie....

Melinda Spinks said...

Congratulations to all of you who have made it through to the second round, look forward to seeing what you come up with in round II.
Congrats also to Sue on your beautiful layout!

Anonymous said...

Shouting out "yeah" to you Sue, what a wonderful layout, you must be so proud :):):) Looking forward to next week and thanks to everyone who left me love in the gallery, I really appreciate your time to comment :):):)

Pauly said...

Congrats Sue, gorgeous layout!! Well done to everyone, gorgeous work to look through! I too look forward to the next challenge, even tho the word 'hybrid' scares me!!

nic said...

Congrats Sue!! and well done to everyone who completed the challenge this week, they were awesome... looking forward to seeing what you have in store next week...xxxooo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sue!! Well done to everyone who participated and congratulations to those who made it through to the second round. :)

Great challenge K! I confess the word hybrid makes me pale and somewhat faint LOL!! Good luck this week girls and remember, above all else, have fun!!!! Alz :)

Alicia Barry said...

Yay, looking forward to the next round. Congrats Sue.

Donna said...

wow, colour me suprised!!...with so many stunning layout uploaded I wasn't counted my chickens...hehe...Congrats Sue, beautiful work :)
Looking forward to the next challenge, and thank you to every those who left me love in the gallery, being a bit of an 'outsider' I really appreciate it :):)