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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Masking techniques - Nicky Amber

Today I am running through some masking techniques you can use on your cards and layouts.  Masking is basically protecting an area from change.

Here's an easy step-by-step card using masking techniques:

Firstly, I have a placed some alphas over the top of the card.

Then I painted over the top using a stippling motion.

This is the result when you lift off the alphas.  The area under the alphas were masked off from the paint.

I then outlined a bit with a journalling pen and punched out some butterflies. I placed the butterflies on the card and painted over them also.

To add some added dimension, I laid some plasterer's tape over the butterfly masks and brushed over with a different coloured paint.

To produce this effect...

The finished card.

 Here I have used a freehand cut out circle to create a do-it-yourself journalling spot.  I just placed it on the paper.

Inked and stamped over it

Then lifted off the circle, added some lines with a journalling pen to reveal the finished journalling spot.

Tanyah showed us recently the Maya Resist.  I am loving this stuff!  The tip is quite fine so you can write with it and do some intricate drawing.  Here's some more playing...

 I drew some stars onto a piece of card.

When dried, I painted over the top and peeled off the Maya Resist.

Here I stamped an image then used the Maya Resist to mask off inside, inked over the top then peeled off.

You can use just about anything as a mask:
  • punched shapes (also the negative space from punched shapes)
  • cut out images from a magazine
  • alphas 
  • Masking fluid (eg Maya Resist)
  • plasterers tape or magic mesh
  • stencils / plastic templates
  • lace
  • and more...

Hope you have fun experimenting with masking.  Remember to share with us in the gallery.



Tanstar said...

Thanks Nic, some great ideas here, I especially love the journal spot that looks fabo. Cheers and happy creating :)

Ingeborg Dijkstra- Verbeek said...

Wow! Such wonderful instructions on some different techniques! Love it!

Susan said...

Great ideas here :) Thank you for showing these.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing some fantastic techniques with us Nic! Alz :)