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Friday, May 14, 2010

I'll show you mine ... if you show me yours

Let's face it. All of us who scrap had to start somewhere. Often you can find our first ever LOs hidden away in the back of albums. Where's yours stored? Mine? It's the first page (I didn't know it at the time but its actually a 'title page') in my dog Hayley's album. Hayley's unexpected passing was the impetus for me to start scrapping. What got you started?
I quite like my first ever page. I still to this day think its rather good LOL! Perhaps because I had been involved in paper crafts and other art based crafts for several years I felt comfortable working with various mediums? Maybe because I had been doing stamping based cards for many years I was more aware of some of the different products on the market (at the time) and how to use them? Sentiment maybe? Because it was ‘my first’ … sort of how we remember our many other ‘firsts’? Could it be that it represents a complete change in my life path and subsequent lifestyle and dreams? It could be all of these and more. I just think I like it. How do you feel about your first ever LO?

The truth is that the next several LOs after that first one kind of make me cringe LOL! Each of them looks as if they were created by a different personality (oh and I promise you I only have the one!)!! I plan to re-organise my albums one of these days (LOL where have I heard that one before??) and you can bet on it that some of those earlier pages won’t be featured as prominently as they perhaps are at the moment. But then maybe I should leave them in the order in which I created them? Scrapping is about telling a story yes? Well then, doesn’t each of our pages tell a story about our scrapping journey and us? The times we tried different styles or products and found that really they weren’t for us? Or the LO that shows when we first started heading in a different direction? In fact they could be considered examples of the trends and fashions of the time they were created. Five years ago I’m not sure there were too many ‘mainstream’ scrappers using recycled materials from their recycling bins on their LOs. Today? Well it’s almost the norm. Heh maybe one day those earlier pages will come back into fashion?

Okay so hmm … if I show you mine will you show me yours? I hope so. Here’s mine …
I don’t have a record of the products I used but from memory I can tell you that the foam alpha stamps (Li’l Davis maybe??) for the title were intended (in those days) for use with paint but that being a stamper, I used ink. I remember how hard it was to find nice (well any really) pet themed paper and so I created my own background with Bazzill cardstock and a piece of black milliner's sinamay. I didn’t know to matt my photo as I didn’t actually do any scrapbooking classes, so I went to great lengths to make a frame for my photo. Being so used to using ‘phrases’ and ‘sentiments’ for my cards I made up a ‘little poem’ for my journaling; but heh at least I included journaling!! I used my favourite paw print stamp to make my own patterned paper. My ribbon wouldn’t stick to the cardstock through the milliner's sinamay despite using double-sided tape so I secured it with brads. All in all not a bad effort for September 2005 I’d say LOL!

Now that I’ve shown you mine, I’d love for you to share some of your first time creations with us in the gallery. For those of us insecure about those first pages, let’s stand tall and proud and celebrate their true meaning … our first steps into the world of scrapbooking. Alz :)

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