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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crate Paper Kit by Melinda Spinks

4 x Cardstock
1 x Crate Paper 'Paper Doll' Patterned Paper
1 x Crate Paper 'Paper Doll' Chipboard Accents
1 x Large Flower
1 x length of string

2 x Photos (6x4 vertical)
Journal Pen
Border punch
Dimensional Magic
Adhesives and Foam Tape


Using the Aqua card stock cut a strip 24cm wide x 4cm deep and alter the bottom edge... I have used a scallop border punch but you can use anything you like. Adhere to the cream card stock approximately 2cm up from the bottom of the card and spaced evenly each side.
Using the 'Peyton Ellie' Patterned Paper cut a strip across the bottom of the paper to incorporate the red line measuring 24cm wide x 3cm deep and adhere to the layout overlapping the aqua card stock as shown. Cut a further piece of the Peyton Ellie measuring 24cm wide x 20cm deep and adhere to the layout 2cm down from the top of the layout and centred each side.
Using the brown card stock cut a rectangle measuring 21.5cm wide x 16.5cm deep and adhere to the layout 5mm up from the bottom of 'Peyton Ellie' printed paper and centred either side.
Cut another rectangle from the aqua card stock measuring 21cm wide x 16cm deep and adhere to the layout centred on all four sides within the brown card stock.
Adhere your two photos over the aqua card stock.
Adhere the large pink paper flower to the layout as shown below. Using adhesive foam to give a raised appearance position the "Little Girls are a gift" die-cut centred over the flower. Also using adhesive foam position the 'precious' die-cut to the left of the pink flower as shown below.  You ca also place a couple of the smaller die-cut flowers over the top right corner of the 'Little Girls are a gift' tag, again using foam tape. Cut in half the brown/white/aqua pin wheel flower and using double sided tape only, adhere to the layout as shown. 
Using a brown journal pen handwrite your journalling in the cream strip between the two pieces of patterned paper. Also using the brown pen doodle a little dot on each of the scallop joins right across the aqua strip on the bottom of the layout.
Cut three little triangular nicks out of the card stock approximately 1cm apart from each other on each side of the layout - these nicks only need to be small as they are going to hold the string in place once you wrap it around the back of the layout. Using three equal lengths of string place one across the layout and align with the two top nicks and turn the layout over and tape the ends of the string down. Repeat with the next piece of string moving down to the middle set of nicks and then the final piece of string in the bottom two nicks. Slide a small piece of double sided tape under the string where the die-cut button will sit and gather the three pieces of string together and adhere to the cardstock. Tie a string bow through the holes of the button. Place the button over the gathered join and using foam adhesive tape to give the raised appearence adhere the die-cut button to the layout. Lastly, place a drop of dimensional magic on each of the hand doodled dots across the bottom of the aqua strip and leave to dry, this will create an effect similar to a small rhinestone! You can also put dimensional magic on the die-cut flowers as enhancements.

Extra products required:
- One 5 x 7 pic (Portrait orientation)
- Dimensional Magic or Glossy Accents
Adhere your 5x7 portrait shaped pic to the centre of the layout. Cut 2 strips of paper 3cm wide x 18cm deep from the patterned paper (floral side up) and 1 strip each of the aqua and brown card stock. Adhere one of the floral paper strips to the left of the photograph leaving approx a 3mm gap between the paper and the pic.
PAPER ROLLS: Using the remaining three strips of paper you will need to turn over onto the reverse side and draw a ruled line down the middle of the strip (from top to bottom) which will form your cutting guide. Still using the reverse side of the strips you need to 'fringe cut' 5mm wide tabs all the way along the left hand edge, not cutting past your centre line. These tabs form the little rolls. Place a strip of double sided tape along the back of each strip on the non-cut edge. Turn the strips over and adhere to the layout starting with the brown strip, then place the aqua strip over the brown leaving the pre-cut tabs comletely visible, and repeat with the patterned paper strip which should be 3mm away from the pic.
You will need a quilling tool or tooth pick to make your rolls. Have your layout facing you with the brown strip closest to you and starting from the left hand side of the patterned paper strip roll the first tab away from you. The next tab should be rolled toward you and continue until you get to the end. Repeat with the aqua strip followed by the brown strip.

Using the die-cut shapes cut the large lime and aqua flower in half and adhere flat to the layout as shown below. Now you can use foam adhesive tape to adhere your title and the large pink/red flower as shown.

You need to cut three different size circles using the same papers as the strips. The aqua circle should be approximately 8cm across, the brown circle approximately 6cm across and the patterned paper circle approximately 4cm across. Scrunch each circle up into a little ball to give it the 'wrinkled' effect, then un-scrunch them and place them one on top of the other from largest to smallest. Poke two holes in the centre and tie a string bow to hold them together. 
Also cut two leaf shapes from the aqua card stock and using a white journal pen draw on some leaf lines and then fold a crease down the centre of each leaf.

 Adhere the flower and the leaves to the layout and add some of the remaining die-cut pieces to fill in some of the gaps.
Using a journal pen in either brown or black, write your journalling below the pic as shown below. Once you have completed all the steps you can use dimensional magic or glossy accents to pick out pieces of your layout and give them a little more dimension!
Once the two layouts are complete you still should have enough bits and pieces left to make atleast one card if not two.
I really hope you enjoy your kit!
Happy Scrapping!

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Anonymous said...

These pages are fantastic Melinda. Looks like an awesome kit. Alz :)