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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Making your own background Paper - Chromatography Technique

Here is a Technique That Di Hasthorpe shared with us last friday night for our technque fun nite... it is so cool....
The technique of water soaking through the soluble colours is called chromatography. This is the technique of finding out what colours or pigments are in a particular shade of colour.eg, in purple, you would expect red and blue colours to appear when the water soaks through. 
Here is a layout created by Di Hasthorpe using the finished pattern paper!....
Step 1
First we started with White mulbery paper... 
Step 2
We then placed water coloured/die based inks on the Mulbery paper. We have used Distressed inks.
Step 3
We folded it into a cone shape and placed in a tall cup of water. We only had a small amount of water at the bottom 
Step 4
We then watched the colours move towards the edge of the mulbery paper
Step 5
Then we pulled it out and had a look
Step 6
we wanted it to go to the edge so we placed it on a mat and socked it some more
We decided it needed more colour in the middle so we placed some distressed inks in the centre. 
step 7 
Then its the waiting game and wait for it to dry. This will take a while depending on how wet your paper is...
Step 8
Here is the finished paper... you will find one side is brighter than the other.

I hope to make a layout using this paper so you can see a layout can be made out of just about anything....
Here is a Di's layout  she created using my photo of my daughter and niece Beth. Di has used the above altered mulbery paper to create this stunning layout.
 Other products used are....

  • Cardstock

  • fancy pants paper

  • funamentals alphas

  • Green tara flowers

  • pearls

  • bella flocked accetate

  • a2z scraplets

  • clear swirl stickers

  • Yo yo heart made by Nic Amber

  • paper string

  • Mesh ribbon

  • 1cm roses 
    Thanks so much for doing this di, this is unreal! xx
Our Friday Nights are so much fun but this week the 14th of May we are CLOSED due to me going to a retreat at Ashmore!
Next week if your able to make it I am sure you will have fun learning new things and having lots of fun!
till next time
luv tanXx

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