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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Card - by Annie Zorzo

Welcome everyone to 2011.  I sincerely hope this year has already started well for you and will continue to bring you lots of laughter and happiness.  This year is a year of big change in our family as we have lots of new adventures and new additions that await us.  It is also with some sadness that some wonderful things come to an end in 2011, like Scrap n Craft with T.  Tanyah, along with past and present design team members have been inspiring you for some time now and we hope we've made an impression on your creative journey.  Remember Tanyah is still selling off her stock at massively reduced prices, so if you missed some Boxing Day sales - head on over to Scrap n Craft with T now to snap up a few scrapping bargains.

For the first project of the new year, with some of us still suffering from the massive Christmas and New Year festivities, I thought I would create another simple one for you.  Seriously, those who have seen my blog entries know I am not a self-proclaimed card marker...but this time I'm actually pretty happy with it!! (2011 the year of surprises LOL).  As New Year invariably has some sort of firework display, I've made a card with some firework starbursts. 

For this weeks project, you'll need some:
- Black Cardstock
- Alpha Stickers
- White Gel pen
- Bright multi-coloured Scrap Paper - I've used October Afternoon Farm Fresh Hay Barn
- Glimmermist

To make the card:
1. Cut your card stock to 8.5 x 5.5" and score along the middle
2. Using alpha stickers, use your sentiment letters and position in place. 
3. Using a White Gel Pen, trace around them.  Once the pen is dry and won't smudge, remove the stickers.  You can reuse them on another project!
4. Go over the letter outline again making a jaggered fuzzy outline - similar to what you would see with a sparkler.
5. Cut a 2.5x 2" strip of scrap paper
6. Cut narrow 2mm fringe strips of paper down to one end, leaving about 2mm from cutting all the way through.
7. Using a thin needle, twist the paper around the need from cut end to secured end
8. Repeat for all fringe strips
NOTE:  Doesn't matter if they are uneven (as no two starburst are the same) or if the fringing breaks off
9. Once you have some done, tear off about 8 fringes, positioned the secured end in a circle so the fringing comes out in all circular directions.  If only a few have broken off, stick them down individually or in what-ever grouping you have.  It really doesn't matter.
10. Stick down and repeat creating a number of 'Firework starbursts'

11. Once you've finished all your starbursts, spray the front of the card with Glimmermist to create the little lighting flashing in the sky from the fading fireworks.

12. Put a New Year message inside the card and your done.

I apologise for the lack of quality in the photos - the ones I took during the day are not loading for some reason.  I'm continuing to have problems with my working but suffering camera after the waterlogging incident!  But you can see where I was going with this card.  Hope you like it - enjoy making some firework starbursts for your own projects and continue to be fabulously creative in 2011.

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