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Monday, January 24, 2011

Metal Flowers

I have been wanting to play with my alcohol inks for a while but some 'brilliant' or not so brilliant idea grabs me and off I go in a different direction. So todays the day.

I used:

Tim Holtz tattered flowers die cut, Cuttlebug script embossing folder, 3 Adirondack alcohol ink colours (whatever takes your fancy), black paint dabber, a bling brad and embossing foil.


1. Die cut flowers from foil. I used the largest and the daisy flower to make my metal flower. I embossed the large flower in the folder. I used a stylus to do a squiggly pattern on the daisy petals. Do this over a foam pad. The engraved side is the top side. Turn the flowers over to the wrong side and use a paper stump to make a dome in the centre of both flowers. Turn over to the top and define the edges of the dome over an acrylic mat.

2. Paint grooved side of embossed flowers black. Wait about 30 seconds then wipe off the excess paint. The black should stay in the grooves giving a cool antique look.

3. Colour flowers with alcohol ink. You can do a mixture of colour or all one colour.

4. Use a paper stump or ball tool to circle round on the wrong side of petals over the foam pad. This is similar to how most of you will have curled paper flower petals. Shape petal edges as desired. You can glue flower layers together with a hot glue gun but I thought it was effective to use a nice brad instead.

Now you will have to think of how and where you can use your beautiful flower. The left over flowers will make another little flower as well.

Have fun



Yillup said...

Wow! That is one gorgeous flower!

Anonymous said...

That is just GORGEOUS - thanks for sharing

Julie said...

Great flower June

Pearl Maple said...

like that texture detail and jewel like colour, did you try any TA Glimmer Glaze or Glam on there?