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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Why not make it yourself and get the most out of your stash - then you can spend more on new products guilt free.

Here are some really easy "make your own" effects anyone can try.

A Frog


black journal pen

tiny alphabet

string and felt

1. Make a patterned paper frame by hand cutting a 9" square. Fold it in half and then in half again over the top. Cut out the inside square leaving a 3/4" border (note - don't cut across any outside edges or you won't have a frame). Unfold.

2. Scalloped borders. Cut a 7" x 2" strip of patterned paper (I used the reverse of my patterned paper). Fold it into three. Hand draw scallops along the bottom edge making sure there is a valley at each folded end. Cut out and unfold. Repeat for a 4 1/2" x 1" strip.

3. For the felt brackets I glued the felt to thin chipboard first to give it strength. I drew the brackets on the back and cut out. Gives great texture and Tanyah has heaps of colours in felt.

4. There are so many ways you can make your own flowers. But this time I wanted to layer them so I used a daisy wheel and paper string. If you love these but don't have the gear Tanyah sells these daisies in many colours.

5. I used a punch to mat my small photo in cardstock. There are lots of punches you can use to make mini frames and don't forget about those fancy edge scissors.

6. Doodling and sewing are great ways to add a little extra emphasis to a layout. When I sew on a page I poke the holes first with a poster board pin into an old mouse pad - makes it so much easier. You can sew with just about anything you can get through a needle eg string, embroidery thread, ribbon, wire, raffia.

Have fun


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