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Friday, July 23, 2010

Embellish it comp - who has won?

All the entries are amazing and love seeing your amazing work, You all are so inspiring to so many of us and we thank you for this. You all made it very hard for the judgers which is fantastic to see. I would like to thank those who are still going after ellimination.... your work is amazing!

This weeks winner is  

We will send you a coupon soon

those going onto the next round are... 
kath parker
We will announce the next challenge at noon today ....


luv tan & team xx 


amanda73 said...

congrats belynda.... good luck for those of you left in the comp, i cant wait to see what the next challenge is....but for me, mixed media sounds a bit daunting

Ingeborg Dijkstra- Verbeek said...

Congratulations, Belynda and all the other girls who made it to the next round! Good luck with the next challenge!

Q Tea Kits said...

WOW - simply amazed I am still here and CONGRATS to Belynda on an awesome win - your entry was totally gorgeous!!!!!!

Tanyah Payne said...

amanda i have swapped the titles...was my mistake.

this weeks will be alter it...

well done everyone!xxx

Lauren said...

Congrats Belynda - well deserved! And thanks for keeping me in the comp! :)

lyn said...

oh my goodnesss!! wow thankyou so much..I really wasnt expecting that at all...ALL the entries were simply amazing this week!! Congrats to the ladies still going through. Look forward to seeing that next challenge. xxx

Anonymous said...

Congrats Belynda and all the girls continuing in the comp. Perfect timing for me to be out as my Mum is visiting as of tomorrow so now I won't be stressed that I won't have time to get the next challenge done. Can't wait to see what you all get up to tho - its been an inspiring ride, heaps of talent here.....Good Luck girls. Chrissyxxx

sueat17 said...

Huge congratulations Bel....your entry was such a stand-out in a a whole gallery of amazing creations this week...well done everyone. I really don't envy the judges their job. Looking forward to the next challenge. :)

Annie said...

Congratulations Belynda - your entry was gorgeous! As for me - phew, felt for sure I was going this week since it was a bit rushed and not my best and everyone's entry was so amazing!!! So a huge Thanks for keeping me in! Can't wait till 12 to see the next one!!!

Donna said...

Gosh! thank you!! Like Lyn said, I really wasnt expecting to remain in, aLL the entries were so amazing this week!! Congrats to the ladies going through.

Pauly said...

Woohoo Lyn, congrats!! Awesome work everyone!!!

Melinda Spinks said...

Congratulations Belynda on winning this week's challenge, and congratualtions also to those of you who have again made it through... we are getting to the 'business end' of the comp and it is getting very exciting indeed. Can't wait to see how you all go with the next challenge.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Belynda!!! Good luck to the girls going through to the next round. As Melinda said we're getting to the 'business end' of the comp and I can't begin to tell you how hard judging the card compendium was ... you all did a fantastic job!!! Looking forward to seeing what you all do with the next challenge. Alz :)

nic said...

Congratulations Belynda! Everyone's work was again fantastic!! Hope you enjoy my challenge this week :) ...xxxooo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bel :):):)