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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Creating on a budget: two cards for less than $ 1.00 by Ingeborg Dijkstra

I have made these two cards using white cardstock and some stamps. The heart stamp from Prima has been used on both cards. These cards cost me less than $ 1.00 to make, which is a bargain. Obviously I bought the stamps and ink for more than that, but they have in my stash 'for ever' so they don't count ... LOL ...

The cards might be classified as 'Valentine's Day' cards, but I tend to tell my hubby 'I love you' many times a year/ month/ week and not only on the 14th of February. Therefore I decided to make some more cards to give to him in the next few weeks.

Here are the instructions on how to make the card above (see step-by-step pictures below).
  1. I stamped the heart on a scrap piece of card and cut it out.
  2. I placed the heart at the front of a white card to create a mask.
  3. Using black ink I stamped all over the card.
  4. I removed the heart (you will see a 'white gap' on the card)
  5. I carefully stamped the heart in red in the 'white gap'.
  6. I stamped two more red hearts on a piece of white card and cut them out. Using foam pieces I made them 3D. I added a little red ribbon as a finishing touch. Done!

This is the second card I made. I made it in 10 minutes; too easy. I always loved pop-up books and cards as a girl and that hasn't changed! Therefore I decided to make an easy pop-up heart card with lots of 'white space' to write stuff to my hubby!

As a base for this card I used a red card from KaiserCraft. There are 6 cards with matching envelopes for $ 2.00. Here are the instructions on how I made this card. It is too easy!

  1. I stamped the heart in the middle of the card right on the folding part.
  2. Using scissors I carefully cut around the heart. I made sure I left about 1 cm on each side to be able to pop it up later.
  3. I cut a white rectange to go at the front of the card. I stamped 'I just wanted to tell you' at the front. I stamped 'I love you' on the piece with the heart (this will be the inside of the card)
  4. I stamped some swirls around the corners of both pieces of white cardstock. I stuck the white pieces to the red card and done!


Susan said...

These are such lovely cards, Ingeborg! I might have to have a go at making some of these :) And I love that you tell your hubby you love him often.

Takaya said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH! The tutorial is great! Love the card is amazing ^^