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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Doodling Tutorial - One

Hi everybody...Chelle here!

Tan asked me to create some Doodling Tutorials.
Just simple and easy ones to get you started.
I'm going to step you through it, to make it nice and easy!

Ok, to start us off, you'll need a journalling pen. I usually use an Artline No.4 Black journalling pen. They are nice and easy to use and the thickness is about right. But, use whatever you have...

Start by drawing 2 lines. A little like this...

Once you've done that, draw little lines in between the two lines to create an effect like this...

They don't all have to line up perfectly. That's the beauty of doodling, it doesn't have to be perfect. Once it's all finished, it's looks great as a whole!

Here's my finished playing card, scrapped and all!

On the front, I drew a very basic doodled line around the outside, adding a couple of dots here and there to break it up!
I use this basic line a lot in my scrapping. It just finishes an edge off.

Here's a pic of the completed front side!

So, there's tutorial one of some simple doodling.
I hope you'll give them a go in your layouts and projects!

Til next time...

Chat soon,

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Leanne Stamatellos said...

nice doodling chelle!