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Friday, October 2, 2009

Resist Technique - Lesson 3 and more!

Today I have a few more step by step resist ideas you can try.
I can't recomend more to just play and have fun (yep time is always the barrier here.... that i understand perfectly) But if you just play and think what if.. you can come up with some unreal ideas and ways of using these techniques with supplies you already may have.

Products you will need for this technique are....

  • Anything out of your scrapbooking stash, could even be a punched out flower
  • I have used a Green tara flower, Silk flower and plasters mesh
  • Watermark ink
  • Fine Embossing powder
  • Heat gun/use heat above a toaster
  • Stamps
  • Paints/daubers/reinkers/just about any water based ink/paint
  • water in container
  • sponge
  • roller if you have one
If you would like any of these products please feel free to visit our store ... www.scrapncraftwitht.com.au

Step 1
  • Find a flower (i have used a silk flower) and place onto a card
  • Using your plasters roll of mesh, place over the top of your flower and cut in a square shape.
  • Place onto some white card

Step 2
  • Using your watermark ink (versamark)
  • Roll your roller over the ink
  • Place roll the roller over the top of the flower and roll up and down
  • You may need to re-ink and repeat a few times.

Step 3
  • Place your card onto some foled copy paper
  • Sprinkle your clear fine embossing powder over the mesh
  • Shake off excess embossing powder and place back into your packet/container.

Step 4
Take the flower and mesh off the cardstock
You will end up with 2 different embelishments
one: the flower
two: the cardstock

Step 5
Using your heat gun or hold above your hot toaster and emboss the powder

Step 6
  • Place about a table spoon of water into a small container
  • put a drop of ink/paint/dauber or whateverwaterbased ink you wish. I used for this one distress ink
  • Ink your sponge into the distress pad
  • dab the spounge into the water

Step 7
Ink all over your embossed image using your watery sponge
Re ink if you would like it darker
I have used 2 colours and did the outline the green and then the inside the purple.

Here is my finished card....
Using the flower that we used in the centre of the card.....

I used Making Memories paint and watered it down a bit

Using my sponge i was able to get the watery paint and place onto my flower.

Finished flower... still yet to dry...lol!
Using paper flowers

  • Using your watermark ink, ink your stamp
  • Place your flower onto the stamp and cover evenly

Take flower off the stamp
Sprinkle with clear embossing powder
place excess powder back into container

Heat your embossing powder

Place a small amount of water into a container
Add a drop of kaisercraft paint into the water
Mix to make watery

Ink using your sponge all over the flower.

Here is the finished resist flower... this is quite pastel if you like this sort of look but would be very vibrant if using much brighter colours

Can you do this technique with out embossing powder and watermark ink?
The answer is yes.......
Using either a candle or a white /coloured crayon....
All you need to do is...
place mesh over your card
Rub either a crayon/candle into the open spots
take off the mesh
Water ink the card
and you have a resist card.
Ink over the top


Stamp using a black ink an stamped image
Colour any areas you wish to stay white or the background colour of the card
Then water colour using paint/ink over the card
and you have a resist card!

Hope you have enjoyed this technique
luv tanXx

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Susan said...

Oo, lovely ideas Tan! I was thinking you could use some onion bags instead of mesh too :) And you could use coloured crayon. Yeah!