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Monday, October 5, 2009

Remember the Details

Where does the time go?
Well I know that I'm fortunate to have a 95 year old grandmother and I'm glad that my children are here to know her. The thing is though, that there are so many things they'll never know about her ... so, I made the decision a little while back to simply ask her some random questions about her life and growing up. Here's the layout below as seen in Scrapbook Creations.

Now I can hear you all saying, I've got someone I'd like to do that for ......... BUT!
Yes, there is always a BUT .........
'how do I know what to ask?'

Well when I did my layout I had a few ideas of my own but not that many, so I simply asked around. I asked my blog friends what they would have liked to ask their grandmother. You can ask your children, your husband, your friends ... anyone at all - they'll have heaps of suggestions and once you start asking your subject your questions then you'll find they'll probably open up and tell you heaps of other things you never knew.

So there you are .... time to scrap some memorable details about someone you never want to forget - have fun and can't wait to see you post them in the gallery.

Take care,

Leanne Stamatellos

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