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Friday, November 7, 2008

PRINCESS MINI ALBUM - Step by Step- by Kylie Abel.

Here is Kylie Abels MINI ALBUM.... it is gorgeous.

We have a kit for you to purchase so you can make one of your very own.
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Step 1

Ink the crown and princess cover using red, pink and black inks. Get messy and don't be afraid of leaving blank spots. The effect we're trying to get us grungy but girly at the same time.

Step 2

Place the JAC paper under the crown part of the cover. Trace around this and cut it out INSIDE the line (if you do it on or outside you'll have a line of JAC paper around the edge of the crown). Take one side of the protective paper off and position the now sticky JAC paper over teh back of the crown.

Step 3

Turn the crown/princess piece over and sprinkle pink glitter over the middle areas of the crown where the sticky JAC paper is Cover it completely. Any excess can be shaken back into the container afterwards.

Step 4
Using a white gel pen doodle around the edges of teh crown /princess piece and write and doodle extra bits. I have then covered my piece with Dimensional Magic (only thinly) to protect it and give it a nice shiny apperance.

Step 5

Now it's time to get your photos ready I had all of my photos printed in black and white to create continuity. Use a coaster or circle template to cut all your photos into a circle shape. Then ink around the edges of all the photos to make them stand out.

Step 6

Decide which papers you would like on which pages of your album. I have used more of the pink tone patterned paeers, but the reds and creams are gorgeouse too! I have used double sided tape to stick my paper onto the album, but if you are planning on using mod podge or something similar to protect your album you will need to stick the papers down with this to stop bubbling and warping. Stick the paper into one corner of the page and then use a blade to cut around the other 2 edges - MUCH easier than tracing and cutting before you stick! Make sure you cut the holes out as you go - its easier than waiting until both sides are covered with paper because then you don't know where the holes are!

Step 7

Rather than parint the edges of the album before sticing the paper on, you now ink the edges to give a shabbier grungy look to the album, Run the ink pad over the flat edges of the album pages and also randomly around the edges of the papers.

Step 8

Now you can get to designing! - Use lots of teh Bella journaling blocks to create space to write, and alternate them with photos. Ink the edges of all the flat elements. These papers re so well designed to go together that they can blend a litttle. A black edge makes the different elements stand out. Use double sided tape to stick all of the journaling blocks and photos down. I also used foam dots to give a bit of a boost to some of my photos.

Step 9

Use the Bella glittered alphabet to create small titles and accents to the pages I have used them to spell my doaughter's name as well as to add title to other pages I found that creating the title/name on the backing sheet of a sticker set was best, and then transferring it to the album. Particuarly when you are using a long name like "Elizabeth" and putting it in a small area like the edge of the album!

Step 10

Now grap your pens and get writing! there is heaps of room in the album for lots of journaling. I used blue, pink and black Dymo lettering to give my album a punch of colour and to break up the writing. Use white and black journaling pens as well.

Step 11

Use the Bella felt flowers and the Green Tara red and black flowers to accent your pages. Use Kaisercraft pearls to make centres for the paper flowers and also as embellishments on the pages themselves. I like to group lines of pearls in odd numbers like 3s or 5s.

Step 12

Use your pens to fill in the gaps using doodling. Don't be afraid to make a mistake The beauty of this album is that it's a bit grungy and wonky lines and miss-matched dots will only add to the effect.

Step 13

A) I created the cover after putting the rest of the album together (b ecause the Dimensional Magic was drying!). Use a plain piece of the paper so as not to detract from the other elements. Mount one photo onto the paper to give it more support and position it in the top right corner. I used one that was facing in to the left as I didn't want the picture to be looking. "out" of the album.

B) Line the edges of the princess/crown pieces iwth double sided tape and take the last piece of protective paper off the jac paper and use these to stick the piece to the front covr, making sure you line up the holes.

C) Use the Chelleybean Designs birdie to sit on the top of the left boarder of the princess/crown piece. Attach himn with double side tape.

D) Use your pens to doodle around this page too. I have drawn a little crown as well as musical notes coming from the Chellybean deisngs birdie.

Step 14

Don't forget to sign your work and let people know who made it. Attach one of the journaling spots to the back of the album and write your name and a little message in it. I've also included a tiny photo.

Step 15

Place all the pages together in order and insert 3 album rings into the holes. I have used scraps of ribbon to tie onto these rings. Belive it or not most of this ribbon is the shoulder ribbons from dresses (you know, the ones that hold the dress on the hanger that always hang out when you're wearing it!) I have also tied a little fabric doll onto the album.

Step 16
Give your album to your little 3 year old (or which ever princess is destined to own such a beautiful album) and watch her enjoy it (and quite probably destory it!.LOL)


Jbsmum said...

That looks great Ladies !! What a lovely gift.

Anonymous said...

Your little princess will love this book when she is older Kylie... It is sweet and very PINK, love the little doll hanger that is a special touch for a little girl album

ScrapManda said...

Just gorgeous Kylie!!! I'm sure Elizabeth will cherish it!

SBL Wedding album designing said...

Superb! Lovely gift!!