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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stamping using TWINKLING H2O's

Twinklings have 3 different shades of colour in each pot. They are hard and activiated with water. All you need to do is place a tea spoon of water inside your pot to soften the paint. The longer you leave the water the different shade you will produce.

Wash.... This is after leaving it for a short time and will cover you project easily and very watery
Paint.... This will take a little bit of time but will become a bit darker and smoother texture.
Cream... This is really thick and very dark when placing onto your projects.

Twinklings have a wide range of uses and we will over the next few days discover a few ideas you can do with them.

Today I want to share with you all a step by step technique on how to stamp using twinking H2O's.


Choose the colours you would like to use
Spray a small amount of water into the pots
Leave to allow the water to soke
May need to respray some more water to get to the paint stage
This could take about 15mins or so.
If you feel the need to stir with a sml paint brush...do so!


Choose some stamps to paint/stamp with
Turn your stamps up side down, rubber side is facing you.


Paint the lighter colour first
Paint on top of your stamp where you want the first colour to go\
Don't worry if it drys


Add the next colour
Don't worry if it drys


Cover with another colour that you have choosen


Your twinkling paint will be dry on your stamp
Get out your water spritz
Spritz very lightly over the top of the stamps... this will acitvate the twinklings again.


Stamp onto your cardstock


Repeat stamp a few times
This will give a 3D look with light shades every time you stamp

Repeat STEPS 6-8 with every stamp

Until you can get something like this. But I have used craft stickers, bling and a cricut flower shape to finish off my card.

Hope you have enjoyed this one! it is tones of fun, I will show you tomorrow what I have done with canvas and twinkling H2O's.

have fun and please feel free to leave a coment or email me if you have any questions
take care
luv tanxx

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