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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

DIGI/SCRAP Layout - Designed by Kylie Abel.

This month Kylie Abel has done a digi/scrap STEP by STEP for you..... We have a kit to purchase if your interested..... CLICK HERE..

CHALK ARTISTS.....designed by Kylie Abel

Materials List:
  • Cream (not sure of exact name) cardstock
  • Making Memories PP Delany
  • Bella Rub Ons Grace
  • Carolee Creations letters Tiny Black
  • Green Tara flower Black
  • Pastel Blue button
  • Pink ribbon
  • Zig writer

YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS KIT TO CREATE YOUR OWN.................CLICK HERE The kit price is.......$8.50


In your photo editing program (I used Photoshop Elements 5.0, but the actions are relatively similar for all programs), create a canvas that is 5 inches by 7 inches and has a resolution of 300.


Open a variety of photos that you want to use in your collage. The easy way to make them fit the 5x7 size you have created is to crop them to the perfect size. To do this, use your "crop" tool (mine looks like 2 right angles crossing each other), and use the settings at the top of the screen to crop to the precise measurements. For my collage I used 7 photos that were cropped to 5x2, 5x1, 1.5x4, 1x2, 2.5x2, 1.5x2 and 2x2 (all measurements in inches).


Using the "move" tool (that looks like a pointer with a cross with arrows on the ends), drag your chosen images onto the 5x7 canvas you created. If you are finding it hard to position the photos, Go to "view" and click on "grid". A whole lot of fine lines will appear on your screen, and when you move things they should "snap" to these lines easily. This makes placing things a lot easier.


This collage looks great, but in many cases all your photos will tend to blend together because there are similar colours. To fix this you need a space around each photo. One way of doing this pretty easily is to use the "stroke" function. This outlines the images. My stroke function is under "edit" and "stroke(outline) selection", but this can be different for different programs (Photoshop 7.0 you could access the "stroke" function as a blending option by right-clicking on the layer in the layers pallette). For my collage I used a white colour (you can change it by clicking on the rectangle with the current colour on it) and 20 pixels and set it as "centre". Feel free to change the settings if you want a bigger or a smaller gap.


Once you have done that, save your collage and print it!


Cut your Making Memories Delany paper a couple of inches from the decorative edge on one side, and about 4-5 inches from the non-decorated edge (enough that when the 2 pieces are put together it will be a mat for your 5x7 photo collage)


Use a blade to cut along the decorative edge on the paper for approximately 7 inches (enough to insert your photo collage into the cut).


Stick the pieces of Delany paper down on the right of the cream cardstock, making sure you line the scalloped edges up with each other. Stick the photo down to the very edge of it is under the decorative edge you have cut. Use the black Grace rub ons to decorate along the bottom of the photo. Using the Carolees Creations tiny black alphas, create a title at the bottom left of your photo collage.

To tie all the colours in the LO together, use a black Green Tara flower, a pastel blue button threaded with a deep pink at the bottom right of the photo collage.




chrisw said...

fabulous photo editing tips Tanya..love the layout to

CreativeMe68 said...

Love this LO Kylie and thanks for the tip of how to do a photo collage!
Luv Shaz xoxo