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Thursday, January 10, 2008

A memorable Birthday

I was awoken early with my 2 adorable children. They had made some special gifts for me. Part of me was a bit worried what they had made and the other part was excited to see what they had come up with on their own.

Katie wanted to buy me something but after telling her I had purchased enough for my birthday she decided she wanted to make some thing. A very sweet thought.

The first I opened was a ring with my initials on it 'TP' the other was a ream o beads with ' I LOVE MUM', and then Katie gave me a cup wrapped in a freezer bag. Oh dear what is this i thought... oh don't worry mum Katie would say' it is a room freshener... I made it with your expensive shampoo - dads shaving cream' I had to laugh for I would cry and was given strict instructions not to throw it out.... lol

Ben Put some beads that i had given his sister into a small envelope and gave to me....lol.

We went out to Jenni's and the kids a a great time together and we all celebrated with a delicious woolies birthday cake!

Our little family went out for dinner then I went over to Sarah’s to enjoy nibbles and fun!

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