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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Charity Day- Butterfly Day 24th September

Butterfly Day 24th September

I have been asked to let all my local readers know about the Compassionate Crafters. Julie Short, Danielle May, Naomi Kiss, Shaz Pratten and Judi Lindsay are a group friends who enjoy crafting. They are using there knowledge, skills and community contacts to promote causes and appeals they believe make a difference to the lives of others. How beautiful is this!

On 24th September we are holding a Butterfly Day at Tullera Hall on Dunoon Road.  The purpose of the day is twofold. Firstly we are making cards to support the Harrison's Little Wings Inc Charity. This charity supports parents who suffer the death of a newborn child. (www.harrisonslittlewings.org.au). There are two sessions 9-12 and 1-4 and the cost is $15/session. We are holding raffles, competitions and there will be a cake stall.

The second purpose of the day is to bring awareness of the plight of the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly.  Julie Short (Compassionate Crafter and owner of Idyll Hours Nursery at Modanville) is installing a display with information about the Birdwing and she will also have the 'butterfly vines' for sale.
Check them out on there Facebook Page - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Compassionate-Crafters.

For more information on the event contact them at - info@compassionatecrafters.com
Alternatively you can contact Julie on 66282042

I know I am going to go to both sessions not just  for a fun girly day out but a worthy and beautiful cause. We all know of someone or have been affected by loosing a newborn child and I can't wait and would love to help them all out.

If your interested please call Julie it sure will be a fun day out!

till next time
Tan Xx


Lizzyc said...

oh what a wonderful cause.. i hope you have a great day...

fAirYsWorKsHoP said...

have a great day its a great cause to fight for

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