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Friday, July 31, 2009


This album kit using Teresa Collins' die-cuts isperfectly suited to a mini album about LOVE. It would be a great wedding or anniversary present, or just a little something for yourself to keep and remember.

It is available at Scrap N Craft With T and can be purchased HERE.

Step 1:

Print the page template that will be emailed to you on an A4 sheet of paper (email admin@scrapncraftwitht after purchasing). Trace these shapes to the acetate sheet, and cut them out. You should now have a semi-circle, a scalloped semi-circle and a bracket-edged page. Paint the edges of these with red paint to make them stand out more.
Step 2:
Line the edges of the die-cut pages with the acetate pages. Alternate between paper and acetate, working from smallest to largest so the edges of the pages can be seen. Punch 5 holes along the edge of the pages at (measuring from top) 1 inch, 2.25 inches, 3.5 inches, 4.75 inches and 6 inches (approximate measurements - use your own judgement if the measurements aren't quite lining up for you). To keep all the pages together I used small clips, but you could use pegs or even just hold them if you're feeling adventurous!
Step 3:
Cut 5 pieces of ribbon approximately 10cm long and tie them through the holes, binding all the pages together. Make sure you don't tie the ribbon right up against the pages as this will make the pages very difficult to open. Tie the loops loosely to ensure the pages are free.
Step 4:

Use a corner rounder to round the edges of all your photos. Decide which photos will be on which pages.

Step 5:

Start embellishing! Use the Carolee Creations Tiny Alphas to create titles, the pearls as the centres of flowers and flourishes, and the remaining ribbon to run along the border of the front page. See the following pages for inspiration...

Remember that what you put on one side of the acetate sheets will be visible on the other side. That includes any tapes or adhesives you use. To counteract this, I mirrored the embellishments on both sides of the pages. If one side has 2 photos and a strip of flowers, I did the same on the other side. I used double-sided tape and glossy accents as the adhesives, but any strong adhesive would work just as well.

Use the white paper left over on the page that was holding the die-cuts to create tags and journaling strips. A great way to use up the scraps without having to delve into your stash.

And there you have the finished product. A gorgeous themed mini album to celebrate the love in your life.

The kit is only $7.50 and available to buy HERE. At such a low price they'll be walking out the door, so act quickly!


This is such a gorgeous album when it's finished. It is a distressed and girly album, but because it has a soft blue base colour to the pages, it isn't overly girly. I have used it for photos of my 2 children - a boy and a girl.
It is available at Scrap N Craft With T HERE.

Step 1:

Paint the edges of your Kaisercraft album using Coastal Blue Kaisercraft paint, and then paint all the pages of the album with the same blue. I used 2 coats to ensure the blue was nice and bold. Once dry, ink all the edges using a medium brown ink. I used versacolor's "pinecone".

Instead of telling you exactly how to place your photos, papers and embellishments to re-create my pages (you can see the pictures themselves if you want to do this), I'll instead give you some tips and techniques of how to achieve the same effects...

To distress the edges of papers to create an aged and weathered feel, use the blades of your scissors. Hold the scissors tightly in your hand with the blades open, and firmly run the blade over the edge of the paper. This pulls the fibres of the paper apart slightly at the edges, creating a worn look. To emphasise this further, ink the edges. The frayed edges will absorb the ink even more, creating a darker line of ink at the very edges of the paper. To make it even more distressed, run the scissors over the edges again, showing a small amount of white that emphasises the inking even more.

Even if you don't use scissors to create a frayed look, inking the edges of your papers will help them stand out even more against the background on your pages. Use ink that matches the ink you have used on the edges of the album for a unified look.

Cut parts of the paper patterns out. The "honeycomb" on the Wildflowers paper is perfect for cutting out. Ink the edges and use it as a strip on your page. I have also cut out one hexagon, and used mounting tape to make it "pop" off the page.

Use extra pieces of your paper to create hand-made embellishments. Cut small butterfly shapes from the bold-coloured Petticoat paper to scatter on your pages. Ink the edges to match the other embellishments, and finish off with some rhinestones to make them really sparkle.

Use the Kasiercraft rhinestones to emphasise parts of the paper patterns, such as the stamens on the Wildflowers paper. This helps the papers come to life.

Cut strips of paper and use your own handwriting to create journaling strips. Ink the egeds and adhere them in a slightly skewed way to add some randomness to your pages.


Use 1 inch strips of paper to create a border on the right of the album. Rip the edges on an angle to achieve a worn look. Ink the edges and adhere them next to each other. Stick the Yillup Designs flowers at the bottom of the strips, and cut out a bee hexagon and use foam tape to stick it so it hangs over the edge of the strip. Use the Kaisercraft rhinestones to make a flourish coming from the crocheted flowers (I used a chipboard flourish as a guide so the curves flowed well). Use the Carolee Creations Sleek Black Alphas to create your title.

There are heaps of leftovers from this album, enought to create many more masterpieces. There is a limited number of these kits available for purchase HERE. At only $20, they won't last long!


This LO is perfect for a boy page, but can also be adapted to suit travel LOs, girly images or adult photos too. The LO can be completed in half an hour - perfect for time-poor scrappers like me! The papers and the gorgeous little elephant embellishment all match perfectly, taking the hassle out of choosing your embellishments. All you will need to add is a piece of note paper, a 5x7 portrait photo, and a touch of ink.
You can buy this kit from Scrap N Craft With T HERE.

Select the letters for your title, and stick them to a piece of plastic. I used some old packaging. Ink your white Carolee Creations Sleek Alphas to match the colours of the LO. I have used a lime and olive colour to create a graduated effect. I did this first as ink can take a little bit of time to dry, and you don't want to smudge ink on your page!
Step 2:
Cut your Marrakech Darjeelings paper into a 9x9 inch square and adhere it to the top right corner of the page, leaving a 1/2 to 1 inch gap at the top and right sides.
Step 3:
Cut the piece of navy felt into a naive and uneven scallop approximately 8 inches long. Adhere this and a small piece of note paper as shown in the image, so the scalloped felt slightly overhangs the paper square, and the note paper is angled.
Step 4:
Add your photo so it overlaps the note paper and the felt, and then add that cute little elephant to the bottom right corner.
Step 5:

By now your title should have dried and is ready to be added to the page. Place your title at the bottom left of your photo, and then add a bit of journaling on your note paper.

Now revel in the fact you just completed a scrapbooking page in less than thirty minutes! Congratulations!

Head on over to Scrap N Craft with T to purchase this kit HERE. At only $9 it is a real bargain!

Friday, July 24, 2009

3rd Thurs Tips & Technques - FLOWERS....

Have you stuggled using flowers...... Don't like using them specially on boy layouts.....

I LOVE flowers and just about all my layouts will have on it in some way or form...

Today i have put together some samples of what you can do with them. Also this may help how I group my embellishments together. I hope these inspire you to use flowers more often than you normally would...

IF you want to purchase any FLOWERS....feel free to check out what we have in our shop and click on this link....www.scrapncraftwitht.com.au.
Flowers can come inmany different forms of materials, eg, paper, embossed paper, material, felt, silk, crocheted and so many more!..

HERE are some ideas... hope to see what you can do with flowers and upload your projects to our gallery.....http://www.scrapncraftwitht.com.au/gallery/

Tanyah's TIP:....FOLD YOUR FLOWERS IN HALF........this will also save you $$$'s as well and have the other half for another layout. I tend to do this a really lot these days!

This above is in half but have also cut a paper swirl into the flower and placed some journalling on it. Also placed behind the silk flower is a kasiercraft chip flower.

This above sample i have placed a smaller flower in half in the center and found a nice center embellishemtn to fit perfectly in the center of the small flower. Along with lots of bling.

The above is a large paper flower that has been doodled with a felt pen and layered with other flowers and buttons in the center. Also is used is glossy accents to make the flowers shine more!

The above flower has been stiched on alternate pettles and the TITLE at the base of the half flower.

The above has a few layers of different coloured flowers (this is for a boy layout). Some pettles have been stiched and the title at the top of these flowers had been hand stiched together.

The above i have layers a few smaller flowers ontop of the silk flowers and placed in the center some covered heart chipboards and dressed it up some more with bling.

Above placed 2 differnt silk flowers together and hand sewn each pettle. Than place the TITLE on top of the flower.

Above again placed a few flowers together and then placed the bling on the pettles in a line. Also drawn some white gel pen lines on the smaller flower and a tiny flower in the center with a bling finished center peice.

Above we have the bling following around an half circle stiched zig zag line with a rubed on center peice. Also under the photo is half flowers allong one edge can give a lovely affect.

Above using pattened flowers along with felt and paper all in the one layout. Also creating your own center peices with felt and tuel.

Above we have added acetate over the top of flowers and writing your journalling along with a rubed on image

Above we have the first flower in half but the red one as normal with a stamped clock in the centre and stiching around the clock, Also a hand made embellishment and a few other bits to add to the cluster.

Above we have an outline filled with beads and then the centre filled with a different colorued bead...This took forever to do but with great results.

Above using a cluster of flowers mixed with pearl centres and bling flourishes. Also rubed on butterflys and stapled where desired.

Dye Cut flowers, here i have rubbed on different words and made a swirl with pearls in the centre.

Above I used a heidi swapp mask along with twinkling h2O's, and some beads for the swirly centres.

Above try creating a round edge of flowers with a peice of hidden journalling tucked behind it!

Using paper lace and paper flowers and adding bling and bling crystal brads in the centres.

Above creating flourishes with your flowers and adding finishing touches with pearls. Also it looks lovely glazing your flowers and adding a little of crystal glitter to them.

Above add a garden look alike to your layouts, this was created using felt and layering a few different flowers together

Above, use the flowers as part of your title. as is the 'o' above.

Above use pattern paper and cut it out to create your own garden like affect.

above, cover chipboard flower with felt and palce smaller flowers in the background, This was fun to dress up making my own felt owl, stapling the bella butterfly and using brillance ink for the stem.

Above is decorated using flocking in the centre of the flower and pebbles and glossy accents for the outline, i loved this look and how it turned out!


"i love using flowers - not that i do it alot but if i can use it on a layout for my boys then it's often a single flower attached with a small coloured brad or glued down and finished off with a button...................By.Leanne Stamatellos

'When doing digital scrapping, remember you can change the colour of any flowers you have downloaded. These flowers were all very simply created by changing the hue. You can create a flower that perfectly matches your LO (original flower by genia beana).".......................By .. Kylie Abel.

"Flowers make the perfect embellishment. They can really dress up a page.I use them on all themes of pages, even boys pages.

I love putting bling, cut outs from patterned paper, chipboard, and my favourite...buttons in the centres. With flowers, you can fold them in half and staple them, put a smaller flower in the centre...whatever you can think of.

The list is endless!

Experiment and see what you can come up with??"........................by..... Michelle Jamieson.



don't forget to upload your projects in our gallery!....http://www.scrapncraftwitht.com.au/gallery

Till next time
luv Tan and My Tallented Team xoxo