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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What is Flocking?,....What can you do with it?.....

Hi everyone.

I have had a few people ask me what is flocking and how is it used in scrapbooking......

Firstly...what is it?

It feels very similar to velvet or felt.
This product that can be purchased in 2 different forms...


OR BY THE SHEET - (2 sheets to a pack)
What can you do with it?

Technique 1- Using double sided tape and LOOSE FLOCKING


Make a shape using your double sided tape
Peal off the backing of the tape

Poor over some powder
shack off any loose bits
put back into packet

finished flocked letter done


Technique 1- Using double sided tape and FLOCKING on a sheet


Create your letter as like above

place the flocking part of the sheet down onto the sticky part of the letter

Use a paddle pop stick or rub on tool and rub the flocking onto the sticky parts
Lift off your sheet and you will have a flocked shape
If you haven't covered it all completely, replace sheet and rub again.

Technique 2- Using double sided rubons

These can come in many different ways
We R Memory keepers has these in a kit including the flocking, foil and glitter sheets

Other brands that you can get are K & Company, Around the block

How to apply?
Step 1 - Cut out the shape/word first
Step 2 - peal off the backing sheet of the cut out shape
Step 3 - Place the rubon onto your project
Step 4 - Rub using your paddle pop stick or rub on tool
Step 5 - when rubbed off, lift the plastic sheet
Step 6 - The top part will be really sticky
Step 7 - Apply your loose flocking or your sheet of flocking


Technique 3- Using double sided stickers

This can be the same as using Jac paper.
You can draw and cut out shapes
Use a die cut machine
or print off shapes and cut out
or use the below products that are already done for you!

Step 1 - take off sticker and place where you want it to go
Step 2 - peal off top layer
Step 3 - apply the loose or sheet flocking


Technique 4- Using Chip shapes and applying flocking

You can do this in many ways.
  1. Use your jac paper and cover it, then cut and apply the flocking
  2. Apply glue onto your chip shape or area and place the flocking over the top
  3. Use spray adhesive over your shapes and then apply the flocking
  4. Sprinkle in some glitter into the flocking to add some sparkle!

Leanne has a kit using loose flocking at the moment.
Hope this has helped out a bit and I am sure their is many more ideas out their!

till next time

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