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Friday, January 30, 2009

Been a Bad BLOGGER!!!!... sorry everyone!.... so much is happening!

Hi everyone!

I am extreamly sorry that i haven't posted here for almost a month. To thouse who visit regually I thank you for coming and checking on what I am up to.

I had an aweosme birthday and thank everyone for their emails, PMs and facebook messages your all so wonderful to me and can't thank you enough. As lots of you may be aware my birthday gift was a new scrap room.... here are some pics...
This is all my supplies all neat and tidy and everything has a place and organised! Yay. I thank you DH for building this for me! he is so sweet and has built it so perfectly so I now have something to look forward to when I come home from hospital... (will talk about this a bit more later)

This room is 5x almost 3mtrs and designed with the whole family in mind where we can all be doing what interests us all in the same room together!
This is where my roz wall is, flowers, tools are in cupboard along with all my die cutting equipment and laptop...... it is so cool i can scrap and chat at the same time now!... All my shop things are all perfectly orgainised and so much easier and quicker now to fill orders.
This is the other end where the main computer will be put in this weekend! yay!.....
My punches collection, I used these heaps and heaps when i did lots of card making but I find now DD spends more time than me creating with them....!
Love me flowers!......hehe!..... so bright and colourful.... can never have too many hey!
Now stamps..... how do you stop purchasing these when companies bring out such awesome images. My favourite ones would be textured stamps, i use these on just about everything!


Now some of you may know i have been unwell for some time and just before my birthday we found out I need to go to hospital for Major Surgery to cut out half of my liver!.... yep it is extreamly scary stuff and hope for a positive outcome.

THE GOOD NEWS IS...... i have lost over 15 KGs and apparently will loose up to another 10 after surgery! yay!!

Scrap N craft with t will still be able to process orders but nothing from the 2nd to the 18th of Feburary and when I have help to pack these. I am extreamly sorry for any inconvinance this may cause some of you and hope you come back to my shop and enjoy the specials, fun and inspiration we have.......

We will still have kits for sale and to sent out over the month of FEB if you order one or more!. YOu will not be disapointed these kits are so yummy and a MUST HAVE!.....Thanks so much to Karen and Tracey for your help here! *MWAH*!!!!


Kiddies are back at school!.....DD hasn't wanted her photo taken this year but was able to get some really nice pics of DS and of us together!....

thanks for reading
luv Tan xoxo


vicmbee said...

Hi Tan,

You bad blogger your forgiven..... Love your scrap room... the flowers look very pretty in all their jars.. very organised that probably took ages to sort out...
wishing you all the best for your upcoming surgery... I'll pray for a speedy and great outcome for afterwards.... Don't worry too much about your shop we will still be here ready to spend some money after your recovery....
take care

Leanne Stamatellos said...

love the scrap room Tanyah - it's amazing!

take care and best wishes for a quick recovery!

G3 said...

Love your scraproom Tanyah. Love your stamp collection and how u have used IKEA spice set for flowers. I am a IKEA freak. Just drool over their products and prices as well!!

and thanks for giving me th opportunity. I am glad the kit sold well.