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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Third Thursday Techniques & Ideas- APRIL

If your a beginner and have wondered what tools are the best ones to buy. I have asked my design team what they love to use and why. Also if they were to start over again which 5 + tools they couldn't live without and the brands of the tools...........

here is what they had to say........

"I love my
  • recovery cutting board and
  • also my stanley knife and
  • metal ruler - that's what I find gives a perfectly straight cut."

"Definately the cutting board, stanley knife and metal ruler as well as a metal stylus (I think that's what they're called) - to apply rubons - they go so easily with one of these. Oh, and the EK success corner rounder - I use this so often it's almost blunt now. You can use it 2 ways - to round the corners of pages/photos or you can create you own scalloped edge with it!"

by... Leanne Stamatellos

My favourite tools are my

  • Honey Bee scissors,
  • Carl Cutter,
  • double-sided tape,
  • mounting foam and
  • Pritt glue.

I don’t think I could ever live without any of them.

"I was told about the Honey Bee scissors when I first started scrapping, some 9 years ago. They are still my favourites today.

My Carl Cutter has lots of measurements on it, making cutting certain sizes of paper a breeze. It also makes card-making easy.

Double sided tape...cheap and it’s super strong, holding everything in place.

Mounting foam is great for dimension, of different thicknesses. I love using it in my work.

Lastly, is Pritt Gel. This is so strong and it won’t fall off your page. Great for gluing buttons, ribbon...the stuff that tape, just sometimes doesn’t hold.

I don’t think I could put a layout together without these five essential tools.

As long as you have the basics to begin with, you’re all set to go!"

By... Michelle Jamieson


My favourite 5 + tools would be....

I have had several paper trimmers but the EK sucess paper timmer is my old time fav, it has so many measurements, easy to change the blade, have a variety of blades to choose from if you want to. has a long arm with measurements... love it!

My cutter bee sissors are awesome, they cut so nicely and get into really fine places and so comfy to use all day if you want too.

Double sided tape i use for just about everything in excess...lol! so so cheap to use and get more of.

Longe stapler is fantastic i got mine from office works and love how i and staple anywhere i like at ease.

My EK corner rounder is my fav for it has the perfect size i love to use and always gives me perfect results.

Love to sand just about every photo, edges i can...lol! my fav one would be the kaiser craft one due to price and they are so practical.

My colour wheel, If i ever get stuck with colour this is my old time fav where i would check and make sure my colour combos work well. Most of the time i find a colour that go's i hadn't even thought of before to use. love this one heaps and could never live without it!.

by....Tanyah Payne


Hope you find these tips helpful!

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