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Monday, March 30, 2009

Step by Step Class by Shirley Tait

Products used:


1. Using Lace Hearts pattern paper cut out desire background shape. I used a piece of precut cardstock to trace the shape and then cut the pattern paper by hand.

2. Again taking the Lace Hearts pattern paper measure down approx 7 cm from the top and bottom and measure in approx 3 cms from the right and left hand side. Draw your lines in to make a rectangular shape. Then cut this shape from the paper.

3. Take your St Valentines pattern paper and cut a piece to measure 25.5 cm long x 17 cm wide.

4. Stick this St Valentines pattern paper on the Lace Hearts paper approx 4 cm from the top of the page. This piece of pattern paper will cover the rectangular hole left in your Lace Hearts pattern paper.

5. Using the piece of Lace Hearts pattern paper that you cut out earlier trim down to measure 21 cm long x 13 cm wide.

6. Mount this onto the navy cs leaving a small border before sticking onto your page approx 2 cm from the top of the St Valentines rectangle.

7. Trim selected photo's to suit your lo. I have used three photo's two measuring 6 cm wide x 13 cm long and one measuring 4.5 cm wide x 13 cm long.

8. Mount your photo's onto a piece of the left over navy cs and trim to leave a small border.

9. Nearly done now... stick the photo's onto your page approx 2 cms from the bottom of the page and 4 cms in from the right handside of the page.

10. Taking your journalling spot place it above the mounted photo's roughly in the centre of them.

11. Place your corner bling floral flourish to the top left hand side of the photo's using the lo as a guide or as desired. Place the smaller flourish on the bottom right hand corner of the photo's.

12. Take you petallo flower and stick down over the top right hand corner of the photo's using lo as guide.

13. Cut a small piece of leftover St Valentines pp into a small heart shape using the chipboard heart as a template. Gluepattern paper onto chippie heart and affix to the centre of the petalloo flower.

14. Adhere kaiser pink pearls to every second petal near the tip.

15. Apply kindy glitz as desired to the petals & to chippie heart for added sparkle.

16. Choose a title to suit your lo. I have used one from Colorbox's Chipboard Shape Stax. Attach to the journalling spot in desired position.

17. Finally apply dimensional magic to the chippie title for added emphasis. Journal if desired.

Thank you shirley for a beautiful layout!....


CreativeMe68 said...

What a great step by step!!! Thanks Tan for sharing and Thanks Shirley for creating!! Love that Kaiser range! Luv Shaz xoxo

Shirl said...

Thanks so much Shaz. Glad you liked it. xo S

Carolyn said...

Another gorgeous LO Shirl well done.