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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas Layout by - Sharon Dalton

Here is the products used by sharron to create this layout

Here is a step by step technique for the title 'Merry Christmas'

Step 1

  • Using your Jac paper ( this is paper that comes in an A4 sheet and is sticky on both sides like doublesided tape) Trace around the edges of your words.
  • Peal off the bottom side of the paper
  • Adhere the sticky side onto the word 'merry christmas'
Step 2

  • Shape/cut the word out
Step 3
ShaOnce the jac paper is stuck down and cut around
Peal off the other side which will now be very sticky
Step 4
  • Find your foil
  • Place the foil down so you can still see the colour as in the picture
Step 5

  • Press the foil down evenly to get complete coverage
Step 6
  • Lift off the foil and this is what you should have
  • Ink or paint your other words
  • You may want to cut out an extra star out of jac paper and glitter using gold glitter.

Step 1
Using a 20cent peice, trace around the edges to make a scolloped boarder

Step 2
  • Place the scolloped strip onto your green cardstock
  • Add some kaiser bling in each scollop
  • Cut out a large size of the red cardstock
  • Adhere/place towards the left hand side
  • Sand edges of photo
  • Adhere / place photo in the center
  • Adhere the back of your title ' Merry Christmas' and put at the corner of your red cardstock
Step 3
  • Cut out your pettles of your flower and make heart shapes with them
  • Adhere them onto your layout
  • Place bling on the heart shapes and make letter shape
Step 4

  • Journal using black mini/tiny alpha stickers.
  • Place the chellleybean YO YO on the top right corner of your photo.

thanks Shaz this is awesome and looks fantastic


vicmbee said...

very clever ideas there, never thought of cutting the flower up like that and using jac paper for the foil. awesome LO too.

G3 said...

Wow Very clever Sharon. Love your step by step idea. Beautiful.

Tanyah! I have just given you an award for your blog. Check out my blog. http://scrapawayg3.blogspot.com